Apple opens App Store for Apple Watch with over 3,000 apps

“Apple opened the App Store for its Apple Watch Thursday, just ahead of the first shipments reaching customers who pre-ordered the new device,” Daisuke Wakabayashi reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The store is third branch of the App Store, alongside areas hosting apps for the iPhone and the iPad,” Wakabayashi reports. “Apple says more than 3,000 Watch apps will be available when the store opens later Thursday.”

“Apple has told developers that interactions on the Watch should last 10 seconds or less,” Wakabayashi reports. “It designed a feature called handoff to let users move easily between the Watch and the iPhone, so an activity can start on one device and finish on the other.”

Apple's App Watch App Store via the App Watch app
Apple’s App Watch App Store via the App Watch app

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  1. I see the list of apps in the Watch App Store, but it appears to be just a long randomly ordered list of apps, with no search function. Also, I thought first generation watch apps were just extensions of iPhone apps, so why the need for an App Store now? These can’t be standalone apps, so is this just to highlight in one place iPhone apps that have Watch extensions?

  2. The view of the Apple Watch App Store on my iPhone looks nothing like the image MDN is displaying. All I see is a single vertical column of apps, headed up by an image of an Apple Watch with the title Apps for Apple Watch above it.

  3. Is that going to be enough apps to impress anyone that it’s worthwhile to own an AppleWatch? What’s the AppleWatch equivalent of a flashlight app? I know how the diehard Apple haters and anti-Apple news media will say how 98% of those AppleWatch apps are completely useless. That’s how it always goes down.

    Actually, good apps will be a double-edge sword. The more you come to rely upon them, the faster the watch battery will run down. It will be hard to get a perfect mix of an app that’s only occasionally used but is handy to have around.

    I honestly don’t see why tech pundits expect so much from any relatively small smartwatch. Current battery tech is lagging so far behind everything else. It will be interesting to see how Apple manages to circumvent the laws of chemistry to make AppleWatch useful to a wide range of users.

  4. So first Apple says put your phone away, the watch will allow you to not really have to use it, now it’s going between the watch and phone? Really? Talk about flip flopping.

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