ZDNet’s Gewirtz on Apple’s refreshed MacBook Pro: ‘Holy Mother of God, that’s fast!’

“I’m writing this on my new MacBook Pro. If you’ll recall, a week or so ago I took you through my thinking process in determining which Mac notebook to buy,” David Gewirtz writes for ZDNet. “I wound up deciding to buy the middle-of-the-road 13-inch MacBook, which is powered with a 2.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 16GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 memory, 256GB PCIe-based flash storage and Intel Iris Graphics 6100. Of particular note is the Retina display, which makes working on a relatively small 13-inch display a pleasure.”

“I’ll give you a quick survey of my experiences, but I’m not going to bury the lead: this machine has completely unexpected, insanely fast storage performance,” Gewirtz writes. “1098.3 MB/s write, and 1049.8 MB/s read. Holy Mother of God, that’s fast. That blows away the specially configured 1TB of flash storage in my maxed out iMac and just leaves it in a puddle. I did not expect this, but I’m thrilled. I’m always about storage performance and yowzah-bowzah, that’s fast!”

“This is not a Bill Clinton-era display. The Retina display on the MacBook Pro is clean and crisp, and well worth the added costs over a non-Retina MacBook Air screen. It’s clear (pun not intended) that Retina in terms of how it feels to my eyes was the right choice,” Gewirtz writes. “The haptic feedback in the touchpad is spooky. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that I was clicking and moving the touchpad surface, when the reality is that it’s rock-stable and not moving at all. The haptic in the touchpad give a feeling completely and totally indistinguishable from an actual press and click.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s haptic touchpads really are spooky cool. If you’ve stumbled here via Google et al. and you have a non-Apple laptop: You’re missing out big time, regardless of which model or family of MacBook you choose. Compare Mac models here.

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  1. I still think my fully loaded 2014 Mac Book Pro is freakish fast. Retina Displays ARE so much easier on the eyes, The older displays always looked just a wee out of focus by virtue of their lower pixel count. Looking forward to upgrading my Mac Pro and it’s displays to RD levels.

  2. Yep. I have a maxed out 13″ MBP that I chose as my computer going into retirement. The question was, “If I can have just one computer, which one?” And the answer was obvious: Retina display, nearly as light as an Air, insanely fast, good battery life, and totally compatible with everything I’ve got.

    I was previously using an Air provided by my workplace, but this is much better. Haptic trackpad is indeed spooky. I’d swear it moves, but it doesn’t. Best Mac I’ve ever had, and I’ve had dozens since 1984.

    1. *smirk* Same here, with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics added.

      I wanted to get all lusting over the 2014 MBP 15″. But how odd that Apple doesn’t offer it with the Force Touch trackpad! You have to get the 13″ MBP described in the article to get the Force Touch. What the?!

        1. I’m hoping they add the new keyboard as well as the Force trackpad. I’d also be good with all USB-C ports, dropping all the others because I think it will be the the next big thing in ports — I’m willing to bet on that big time and go all in.

  3. The 13″ MBPR present better value than the Air. To purchase the Air, you really need to value 1/2lb weight, 2hrs battery life and a couple hundred savings, over everything else.
    If you don’t custom order an Air with 8GB, in 3 years from now, the $100 you “saved” will probably come at the cost of having to replace the computer.

    The MBPR offers Retina Display, antiglare, 2 Thunderbolt ports, built in HDMI, faster flash storage, a much fast processor, 8GB RAM. The option to go to a 1TB drive. The new trackpad. It has a much more solid build (especially the display).

    The Air is getting long in the tooth. I think it will look relatively dated once the new MacBook ships.

    1. I tend think with the new MacBook Apple is starting down the path of phasing out the Air. I also tend to think the Mac mini will be phased out and the iMac rebranded as just “Mac”.

      They need to get back to Mac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro

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