How Apple Watch apps may help you save more money

“The Apple Watch app store won’t officially be open for business until Friday, when the device itself is released,” Tom Anderson reports for CNBC. “But banks, brokerages and consumer finance sites are already angling for virtual shelf space in the Apple Store.”

“Among the more than 1,000 apps already submitted this month, several are aimed at helping you budget, save and invest your money,” Anderson reports. “‘Having something on your wrist is a great physical cue for behavioral change, and design matters when you are dealing with behavioral nudges,’ said Stephen Wendel, author of Designing for Behavior Change. ‘I find the notification capabilities of the Apple Watch to be very promising.'”

“Don’t expect many budgeting apps on the Apple Watch to bombard you with notifications about overspending on dinner and drinks when you’re out on the town, though. ‘If you go negative all the time, users will start to ignore you,’ said Wendel, who is also a principal scientist at HelloWallet, which provides personalized financial guidance to workers through web and mobile apps,” Anderson reports. “Instead, apps are more likely to congratulate you when you meet your budgeting goal or reach a savings target in your bank account… Mint, one of the most popular personal finance apps in iPhone’s app store, lets watch wearers set monthly savings targets, and then track their progress over time.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There ya go, some Apple Watch justification you can use on the wife!


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