Apple unveils exclusive Apple Watch Sport Bands in Milan

“Apple’s PR tour for the Apple Watch doesn’t appear to be slowing down with Apple’s design chief Jony Ive showing off the device and revealing an exclusive collection of never before seen Sport band colors tonight in Milan,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple this morning kicked off a showcase of the device at Milan’s Salone Del Mobile Design Fair in Itlay, which was attended by Apple executives including marketing head Phil Schiller and designer Marc Newson,” Miller reports. “Earlier today, images emerged of a red Sport band, and now Apple appears to be showing off several more exclusive Sport bands at tonight’s event in Italy.”

“An image posted to Instagram shows dark blue, light pink, red, and yellow Sport bands. All of these colors were previously unreleased by Apple and never before seen,” Miller reports. “At the Design Week event in Milan, Apple is allowing invitees to try-on the Watch and use it with a band of their choosing.”

Read more — and see the exclusive Sport Bands — in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Soon, you’ll be able to choose from thousands upon thousands of third-party Apple Watch bands, some of which will of match or even exceed the quality of the official Apple Bands.

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    1. Thought of something today. I think if Steve Jobs were around he would have pushed harder on battery life. Apple has one area to work with when it comes to extending battery life other than the watch core: the watch band. If only they could have integrated some type of battery within the band. But the problem is that blows fashion bands. The sport rubber band could house something. Flexible batteries, liquid batteries, whatever.

      Interested to see what third parties bring out.

      1. Have you tried the apple watch on at an Apple Store? Every band was noticeably thinner than I expected. I hardly think jobs would have allowed a thicker band to accommodate battery space.

        As Jobs said in the now infamous interview, “Microsoft has no style.” Jobs was a huge fan of style, even over substance. Look at the 25th anniversary Mac, or the G4 cube, etc.

        1. cheule:

          You assume that Steve Jobs would have had a thicker band. You clearly don’t know much about product development. The magic is making the impossible possible. They could have found a way to embed some battery power in the band without significantly compromising the watch band thickness.

          There’s also perpetual movements to power the battery, and solar. Obviously not all of these things may have been doable, but the point stands.

          1. Now I know you haven’t seen the bands in person 🙂 they are *very* thin. I was surprised to find out that the pink modern buckle I ordered for my wife was almost paper thin. It doesn’t look that way in pictures at all!

            1. cheule:

              Stop arguing on the Internet. I have seen the bands in person. Yes. I’ve used an Apple Watch. If you think it’s not possible to keep that thinness and embed batteries in there just go home. Don’t bother developing technology because you’ll never get anywhere.

  1. This serial Apple Watch rollout with new Sport band colors appearing just a week later just screams of a high fashion approach to milking the initial release PR and extend media attention on the Apple Watch. Nothing else exists right now in the consumer electronics arena – just the Apple Watch.

    I think that Ahrendt’s is starting to earn part of her substantial benefits and compensation package.

    1. It would take her 1000 years to “earn” the compensation Apple heaped on her.

      Just as MS attempted for Windows to be all things, now Apple is attempting iOS to be all things, while levying a stiff upcharge for fashion. This may be a huge strategic mistake in the making.

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