Apple begins notifying winners of 2015 WWDC ticket lottery

“On Friday, lucky recipients started receiving emails that they had been selected at random in a ticket lottery to register for the company’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, which will start on June 8,” MacNN reports.

“The ticket lottery was required due to the incredible growth of Apple’s iOS and OS X developer programs, which have nearly-instantly sold out over the last few years, and the company’s desire to continue the conference at Moscone West, which allows for a total of 5,350 attendees, not counting press or the 1,000 Apple engineers who will be on hand,” MacNN reports. “The ticket lottery requires credit card information in advance, and winners are instantly charged the $1,600 fee — and indeed, some developers have reported that this is how they found out that they had been selected.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to the winners! This WWDC is going to be a big one!

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  1. Apple needs to have a venue which seats all developers that wish to attend.
    Apple also needs to provide better support for hardware and software companies that wish to support the Apple ecosystem.

    1. Unfortunately for us consumers of all things Apple, there will never be supply to meet this demand, as soon as the venue gets bigger the developer demand will saturate beyond, so for the foreseeable future the process of putting it all on line for all developers is the best they can hope for….

      In fact, try to find a bigger space and the 1,000 Apple hired developers get watered down and it becomes less advantagous to be there

    2. It looks like about a 5:1 ratio of attendees to Apple engineers. I have a feeling Apple wants to keep it that way. I doubt it would be easy to double the size of the venue and find another 1,000 engineers.

    3. It really comes down to logistics here. Its already a stretch to have the 1000+ Apple engineers available, not to mention their prep time and deadlines to get things ready. The queue to get into various sessions takes forever as it is – adding more developer attendees would mean that sessions would need to be repeated. On top of that, Apple has to manage and crowd control for lunch meals and snacks. There are over 100,000 registered Apple developers – Moscone West is one of the larger venues and manages about 10,000 people including attendees, Apple engineers, Apple support staff, conference employees, media, and outer guests. Even if they could double the size, it would still be less than 10% of all registered developers. Currently many lab sessions get be booked up quickly, so they would need to have more session, which would require more time, which would mean a conference longer than one week. A bigger venue does not fix such problems.

  2. They have a huge auditorium being built into the new Apple HQ campus, something that has been ongoing for several years. Calm down and learn a little bit about Apple before complaining. You’re like a woman.

      1. I am aware of Apple’s auditorium.
        That has nothing to do with this conference or many conferences that did not allow seating for developers.
        I am calm just making a recommendation.
        I have been an Apple evangelist for over 30 years and a collector of Apple computers beginning with the Apple 1.
        I have an extensive knowledge about Apple and I am clearly more polite and sophisticated than you judging by your responses.
        I am not like a woman whatever that means.
        You are making a demeaning statement about women in general which says a lot about you.
        You are unenlightened, uneducated and unimportant.

        1. Someone who takes offense that easily at a comment plainly meant to be homorous is unenlightened, uneducated and unimportant.
          Who the F types “I’m more polite and sophisticated than you..”???

    1. Is the new auditorium bigger than moscone west? are you sure? or are you committing the crime of bagging someone without adequate information?

      You, my friend, do not even deserve the high praise of comparison to a woman.

      You do the math….
      “Moscone West offers 99,916 square feet of dedicated exhibit space on Level 1, with an additional 199,432 square feet of flexible swing space on Levels 2 and 3.”

        1. Or… the women he has known have had an “unbiased sample of him”, and have rejected him wholly, due to obvious reasons, so he doesn’t share their taste and thus denigrates them

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