Nick Cannon tweets his love of Samsung Galaxy S6 camera – from his Apple iPhone

American actor, rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, and radio and television personality, Nick Cannon, has tweeted about his love for his new Samsung Galaxy S6’s camera.

Cannon exclaims, “The camera on this phone is insane!”

Yes, yes it is, Nick, because it’s an iPhone.

Cannon’s tweet – you guessed it – came from an Apple iPhone.

The Echofon for Twitter app, for one example, reveals the origins of tweets, in this case, “Twitter for iPhone.” Cannon is certainly not the first, nor is he likely the last, to be caught – see related articles below.

This is emblematic of Samsung’s slipshod approach to pretty much everything. Samsung’s company motto ought to be: “Details, schmetails! Hey, it looks kinda like an Apple device!”

People with money don’t use pretend iPhones, they have real iPhones.

Nick Cannon's tweet (via Echofon app) reveals it was sent from an iPhone
Nick Cannon’s tweet (via Echofon app) reveals it was sent from an iPhone

MacDailyNews Take: What does a cannon say? Oh, yeah: BOOM!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “@ideez” for the heads up.]

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  1. Brett, it depends on the Twitter client you’re using to read the tweets. Twitter knows which app was used to create the tweet. I believe Twitter used to show you that info on the web site, but they no longer do.

    I just pulled up @NickCannon’s tweet using Tweetbot, click Actions > View Details.
    Sure enough: “via Twitter for iPhone”.

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        don’t feed the trolls

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  2. things about the s6.

    Last year Samsung ran ads saying that the iPhone was bad because of two main reasons:
    1) they were ‘more bendable’
    2) they had non removable batteries. These were the Wall Hugger ads and they even had the ads stuck to power outlets in airports.

    tests show that the S6 Edge bends and cracks easier than the iPhone. In fact it , according Square Trade the Gadget Insurer, leaves you with a ‘pocketful of glass’ unlike the iPhone were the glass stays intact. (Square Trade has no reason to lie as they insure iPhones so saying they are more durable when they are not increases their policy risks i.e loses them money)

    2) tests also show that the S6 has worse battery life than the LAST YEAR’s iPhone,

    (e.g: }

    significantly so. It has a smaller battery than the S5 but runs more intensive hardware. It also has non removable battery.

    Samsung said in their Wall Huger ads “Phones with low battery and non removable batteries — like the iPhone are Bad.” BUT the S6 has WORSE battery life and also a non removable battery…

    Also Samsung said the iPhone was Bad because it was bendable but the S6 actually breaks easier than the iPhone …

    so you can only conclude that as the S6 are worse in these things than the iPhone, and iPhone according to Samsung is bad, then the S6 is WORSE than Bad, i.e it’s SHIT bad. That’s from samsung’s own PUBLISHED and ADVERTISED reasoning.

    The ONLY OTHER explanation was Samsung was LYING in the first place in their ads about the evils of non removable batteries or low bend resistance …

    so Samsung fanboys which is it? The S6 is SHIT BAD or Samsung was lying in it’s Ads?

    if they were lying What else are they lying to you?

    1. Hey, was off Samsung Davewrite. They just realized that their sales problems were because they had not copied the iPhone enough, and thus decided to one up Apple by making the S6 MORE bendable (obviously a feature, right?) and saved space and weight by removing that pesky cover and removable battery thingy to simplify with a smaller, fixed battery.

      One step at a time; by 2024 Samsung will have fully copied the iPhone 6 Plus.

    1. Um, yeah, when he’s crowing about the photo quality he took using an iPhone. Not really “scandal” level, more like “pathetic paid hack” level.

        1. I’m fed up with these excuses…if you really want to be objective…just think why this thing never happens to people who post positives things about iPhone…simple because they are really using them…

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