Apple’s former iOS chief Scott Forstall co-producing a Broadway musical

Scott Forstall, “the former iOS chief has announced via his Twitter account an unrelated project: a Broadway musical,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

This follows the news yesterday via a leaked email from the Sony Pictures hack that indicated Snapchat set aside 0.11% of its stock for former Apple head of iOS Scott Forstall to be an advisor.

On October 29, 2012, Apple announced in a press release that Scott Forstall would be leaving Apple (in 2013) in the wake of the troubled Apple Maps launch.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Forstall is finished hibernating. There should be an icon of a cave with a yawning bear emerging or something.

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  1. I don’t pretend to know the full story behind Scott Forstall’s ouster. What I do know is that he was one of Steve Jobs’ trusted lieutenants during Apple’s true glory years. Although I respect Tim Cook as a person, the new Apple is clearly more interested in selling shiny doodads to the masses than in continuing on the path laid out by Steve Jobs. I’m pretty sure that becoming the richest company in the world wasn’t one of Steve’s key motivations. Scott has been an easy target ever since his departure; but personally, I wish him well whatever he does.

    1. Pixar sculpted Jobs into the savior for Apple; Forstall might be sculpted by Broadway. I’m sure he is considering that possibility.

      Time is very cyclical. It is possible to see some business trends reoccurring that Apple went through after Jobs’ ouster. Who knows? Apple may decline, and Forstall may repeat that salvation in about fifteen years.

  2. As I said in a different MDN thread, Forstall needs some humbling. After that, he could very well be the guy who pushes Apple (or whatever company he finally decides on) way into the future.

    Steve seemed to really like this guy. Has to be a reason.

  3. I hope Mr. Forstall has examined the success rate of Broadway musicals. The majority eat million$ and result in FAIL. I remember Rosy O’Donnell killing off her bank account producing a Boy George musical. (o_O)

    Hint Scott: Start small and get some experience. New York City ain’t no San Francisco. Theatre arts ain’t no technical engineering. 😯

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