Apple iPhone vs. Android argument turns bloody, ends with beer bottle to the head

“According to Tulsa police, Jiaro Mendez and Elias Acevedo were outside their apartment around 1 AM when their phone quarrel moved to the stabbing stage,” The Smoking Gun reports.

“As they tussled in a parking lot, Acevedo allegedly struck Mendez in the back of the head with a beer bottle. When cops subsequently apprehended Acevedo, he was ‘covered in blood’ and ‘also had several lacerations on his body from the fight,'” The Smoking Gun reports. “Both men were treated for cuts and bruises at a local hospital, where Mendez told police that the pair had been ‘arguing about which phone was better, the iPhone or the Android.'”

The Smoking Gun reports, “Investigators did not disclose which of the men was the Apple fanboy or the Android devotee.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We all know who the iPhone user is. Get well, soon, Jiaro!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Peter G.” for the heads up.]


  1. I’ve got to admit, arguing with an Android fan is beyond frustrating. Mainly because they have absolutely no accurate knowledge of the history between the platforms and associated companies.

    It’s like arguing with a “Creationist” who’s never looked into the scientific data because they assume that comes from Satan.

    1. Hmmm no. Yeah its frustrating but because most people don’t give a crap about stupid details like who was first and who copied who and history of the companies. Hey ya know what ? All cars have wheels does that mean one brand is better because they had the first wheel ? That just a point I know wheels have been around longer than cars. The point is most normal people don’t give a flying crap about many of the things Apple fans harp about being “superior”.
      Most people think their Samsung is better because it has (had) a bigger screen and can do the same things and iPhone can do. Who cares if iPhones did them first ?! And they actually think the liberty to install what they want trumps the “closed ecosystem” and all other features. And they are not wrong if that suits them. The closed ecosystem can be pro or a con depending who you are and you are not right or wrong to prefer one over the other.
      They don’t care about malware risk, lack of ecosystem, lack of wonderful device inter-connectivity (Air play etc.). Big deal.
      I am an iPhone 5 owner, 4 previously. I never plan to change off iPhone.
      I prefer Apple because they are rock solid premium built devices. No question Apple have the best hardware, software is another story though but I can’t compare to Android I have never used the software.
      But it irks me when Android users are labeled as idiots, ignoramus and buffoons for preferring that platform. I won’t stoop to the level of arrogance and and be the idiot who labels and insults people because of the F-ing phone they chose. And I won’t be the HUGE ASSHOLE who points out the financial factors. That is the rich insulting the poor for being poor and its goddamn disgraceful.
      I know a few people that ditched their iPhone and prefer their Androids and still do this day. To each their own.
      Accept that and STFU

      1. Android is “good enough” for most people, and that translates into “better for them” because of the quite-often lower prices. But for those of us that have used both platforms, there’s a definite “feel” difference, and to me, that’s what matters most. iOS feels fluid and predictable, but with Android, I’m constantly going “huh?”, expecting things to move when they don’t, and finding settings and features in the most bizarre places. iOS is just overall better designed. But that is something Android folks will overlook because, as you say, they don’t care.

        To me, Android is like a car with square wheels. It’ll go, but it’s clunky.

        1. I would agree on the price thing if all Apple sold was the new model each year, but they don’t. Right now you can buy a $99 iPhone 5s or a “free” iPhone 5.

          So anyone arguing that Androids are cheaper are misinformed.

      2. Well said ivid, about the only through and mature comment on here. I too couldn’t care less for this Apple vs Android argument. It’s pathetic and both platforms have their advantages over each other. As you say each to their own at the end of the day. OBVIOUSLY, your a total dick, your response goes to show your level of intelect. But I suppose that’s too difficult for even you to comprehend.

      3. You forgot the most important thing. Every Samsung owner is an accomplice in theft and deception. Samsung stole Apple’s IP in order to make a competing device. The whole world knows this, and yet people buy Samsung products in order to save a few dollars. But then, I guess you samsung owners know what your integrity is worth.

  2. Cannot people not see on Facebook and instagram that Android photos ALL need color correction. Sure they take competent, in-focus pictures on some of the high end models, but the skin tones are always horrible – everyone looks like they have the flu.

    1. If this had happened in Colorado, both would have carried on for hours going, “Nuh un, my [insert owner’s phone] is better.” Then they would have gone to Jack in the Box for late night munchies.

    1. Which is why I’m waiting for the Mophie to release the iPhone battery case with built-in Taser. That way I can end these arguments before someone wastes beer.

  3. It’s always the lower IQ Android owners dumbly saying “oh you have iPhone, android is better” matter-of-factly. I always respond with, “oh yeah? Tell me all about how the Android’s ecosystem seamlessly integrates all the hardware in your home.” They don’t even know what an ecosystem is, and sometimes start talking about their “app” store.

    What idiots. They’re the bottom of the barrel. I don’t give a damn about android phones, their owners, or anyone who starts some shit like this about their low-IQ target market devices.

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