HealthTap app for Apple Watch puts a doctor on your wrist

HealthTap today launched DocNow for Apple Watch, providing you with instant and affordable access to top U.S. doctors with just a tap on your wrist.

HealthTap provides instant access to doctors on call 24/7 from anywhere right from any Apple Watch. The HealthTap DocNow App for Apple’s revolutionary Apple Watch connects you immediately to a primary care doctor for a video consult, all at the tap of a button. With consults at just $2.99 per minute, affordable healthcare is now available to people who need instantaneous access to doctors.

The HealthTap DocNow App for Apple Watch offers:

• Immediate access — See a doctor instantaneously 24/7 by tapping on your Apple Watch to access immediate live HD video consults from your iPhone. Doctors can provide useful advice as well as recommend and prescribe appropriate treatments, including medications that can be made available at any local pharmacy of choice, or via home delivery.

• Affordable price — Speak with a doctor via HD video chat, or voice, for as little as five minutes for just $2.99 a minute, with no subscription fees.

• Ultimate convenience — Connect with a doctor instantly. No tedious forms, insurance hassles, or multiple calls and waiting on hold to book an appointment.

• Complete safety — No risk of catching germs in a doctor’s waiting room.

Best of all, with your explicit permission, relevant health data from the Apple Watch is securely integrated with your healthcare experience on HealthTap so doctors can provide you with better advice, more personalized care, and a customized course of action.

“We’re extremely excited to be on the forefront of the third generation of computing by offering this first-of-its-kind ‘Affordable-Care App’ via the all-new Apple Watch,” says Ron Gutman, HealthTap’s founder and CEO, in a statement. “At HealthTap we’re committed to continuously innovating and continuously launch new ways to provide faster, more affordable access to trusted doctors so billions everywhere can live healthier happier lives.”

More information about the HealthTap App for Apple Watch via Apple’s App Store here.

Source: HealthTap Inc.


    1. While a visit to a doctor’s office might take an hour in the physical world, you must realize you spend about 55 minutes or that waiting. So for the same experience you probably only need 5 minutes on this app, or $14.95 total. Not bad, average copay anyway.

    2. Last appointment took less than 30 seconds with the Doc, no lab work, bill (to Medicare) almost $100. Medicare didn’t pay that much, but that would have been the bill for an uninsured patient.

  1. As a doctor, $15 for a 5 minute call/contact is not worth it. Any established doctor, much less “top doctor” is probably going to be too busy for this – we are not going to stop talking with a patient in the exam room to go talk to someone we may have never seen on the phone/computer. I have to wonder who they have as doctors? Are they doctors or are they doctor’s offices – someone else takes your history, discusses it with the doctor and then they call or text you back? What if you talk with them and after 5 minutes, they tell you that you need to go to an urgent care facility?

    1. Quality control would seem to be a major issue. Under the table payments from Big Pharma come to mind. Consistency, continuity and commitment to the patient would all seem to be marginal in this setting.

      Are we looking at a Dr call center? “Hello, my name is Dr Tim. What seems to be the problem today? …I see, could you hold the camera so I can see the area? Holy Krishna, that looks painful! Can you pull it around the way it’s supposed to point?”

      This looks like an Android app at best.

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