Apple Watch preorder unit numbers do not matter

“After a strong weekend of online reservations, analysts are projecting over one million Apple Watches have been sold,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes.

“Apple is not releasing any numbers just yet, but the focus on the immediate sales performance is not being driven by [CEO Tim] Cook,” Spence writes. “The Apple Watch, at least in this generation, should not be measured by its financial performance. It should be measured by knowledge.”

“The first Apple Watch will be used to align Apple’s ideas on wearable technology with the public,” Spence writes. “It will be an opportunity to educate the first wave of users, and those watching Apple’s progress, in how Apple wants a smartwatch to be used. In essence, the first batch of Apple Watches is less about selling a product, more about selling an idea.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Correct. All products improve with time. That said, Apple Watch offers tremendous utility out-of-the-box already that rapidly improves with each useful Apple Watch-enabled app that is released.

As we wrote last week:

We are so unbelievably glad that we bought the first iPhone and the first iPad. Outside of our “jobs,” we’ve never regretted either purchase and, in fact, we’d have enormous regret if we sat around waiting around for the “next gen.,” depriving us of participating in and experiencing major paradigm shifts. We knew they were first generation products. That made us want them all the more.

If you’re on the fence, get the Apple Watch Sport. Its resale value will hold up just fine and you’ll get much out of being an “early adopter.”

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  1. I regret my purchase of the first iPad in so much as I don’t use it much anymore so haven’t had a point where I could justify an upgrade, but would have rather waited for the iPad 2 which would have seen a longer cycle of upgrades to the software.

    1. I’ve purchased every iPad. The devices are the center of my information consumption world. They’ve gotten progressive lighter, faster, and more powerful. They are so ubiquitous in my life now it’s hard to remember how I did certain things before they were created.

      My first generation iPad was last used in the kitchen, last night, when I grabbed it and looked up recipes for cooking for your dog.

      I’m an iPad-Aholic. I’ve adapted to the world of cloud storage and services. All of my “stuff” is always with me. The iPad has replaced everything from books to multimeters in my backpack. Heck I hardly carry the backpack anymore.

      So I guess it depends on your needs. So far I don’t see anything that makes me want an Apple Watch first generation. I’m sure there are people who will take to it like fish to water, but as I read some of the more extensive reviews, it just seems to not be for me.

        1. Yeah, I’m curious about that one,TM. Are you saying you’ve replaced your multimeter with an iPad? As a very frequent multimeter user (four motorcycles for one thing) I’m interested.

      1. I’ve always appreciated your posts.

        this current one about moving to the cloud with multiple iPads is intriguing. Perhaps you can tell me more about your system. What apps, do you use iCloud or something else?

    2. I bought the first iPad and have never regretted it. In fact, the opposite is true, I would have regretted *not* buying the first iPad, and the first iPhone for that matter. The same is surely true for the Watch.

    3. If you and all others were to wait on the side lines to buy the second version of any product, the first version would fail and there would be no second version. Early adopters are what drive the industry and you should be proud of your courage to try new things.

  2. Early adoption is fine. Gazelle and other Apple tech resellers enable you to off-load old Apple tech that you don’t pass down to your kids. Look at the Apple resale values compared to Android equipment…….

    1. $30 for my 1st gen iPad. I paid $700+ for it. That’s great resale value.

      Who are you trying to kid – it’s technology, stupid. No resale value in technology.

  3. I ordered the first Ipod, still have it and it works! Got the first iPad first day it was on sale, still have it and it works! I per-ordered Apple Watch. I don’t see any reason to stop buying 1st gen Apple products.

    1. What are you smoking? If you were expecting the iPad to make breakfast for you or drive you to work I can see why you’re disappointed. I’m an iPad user since 2010 and still lovin’ it and using it every day. Apple has hardly “forgotten” the iPad.

      Amazing how delusional, clueless and brain dead some people are to the point you wonder how their autonomic functions are even still functioning.

  4. For me it depends if the 1st gen product fits my needs. I did not by the iPod when it first came out because I needed more disk space. That came with the 3G version. Likewise with the iPhone, I really want the third party apps and that came with the 3GS (plus better performance). I bought the iPad2 for my wife and she loved it for reading and web surfing. Apple TV 2 with the lower price.
    My 1st gen products are the MBP Retina. Superb machine which will last for years. And now the Apple Watch which has Apple Pay plus health and fitness tracking.

  5. This guy is spot n as good and useful as the watch is now its true worth is very much dependent upon services and infrastructure that will build around it for buying, for entry for control for confirmation all sorts of things that build into such concepts which at the present stage of development we are barely in the stone age compared to what we can expect. Some of these, indeed the most mature ones are already part of the developing Apple ecosystem, ApplePay, iBeacon, Handoff etc but others will need to see what is possible before they commit and invest and it will be tears before the true external functionality catches up with what the Apple watch potentially offers now and progressive more capable versions.

  6. I have every iteration of the iPad excepting the iPad mini. Every single one is still in use. In fact, my first-generation iPad is mounted next to my front door and serves as a monitor for exterior cameras and interior lighting control.

  7. Of course the numbers matter. Apple needs feedback from the customers in order to refine the product, see what works, see what should be removed, and see what could be transferred into other form factors. The wider the group of early adopters the quicker they can get this information into the hands of those designing the later revisions, meaning the later revisions mature faster whilst competitors spend their efforts on mimicking Apple’s 1st gen in order to gain sales traction.

  8. Since it was Forbes, I had to go read the article to see how it was going to slap Apple for starting well with the watch. The last line reads “(Now read why I think the Apple Watch will ’fail’)” which links to his article “Why I hope the Apple Watch will fail.” So, even though the Watch vastly exceeded his expected sales, the author is determined that it is a “failure” regardless of what criteria he may need to concoct to create that failure.

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