Apple Watch U.S. first-day pre-orders estimated near 1 million

“Nearly 1 million people placed an order for an Apple Watch on the first day it was available, with most going for the cheapest model, a shopping research firm estimated,” Laura Mandaro reports for USA Today.

“Slice Intelligence said e-receipt data from 9,080 online shoppers indicate 957,000 people in the U.S. pre-ordered the smartwatch on Friday,” Mandaro reports. “On average, they ordered more than 1 watch (1.3), spending an average $503.83 a watch. An estimated 62% purchased the less-expensive Sport model.”

“If they bought the Apple Watch Sport, they spent $382.83 a watch; if they ordered the midtier Apple Watch, they spent $707.04,” Mandaro reports. “Unlike with past iPhone and iPad launches, Apple did not make the first-generation device available for purchase in its stores. Instead, interested customers were able to start placing pre-orders on Friday at 3:01 a.m. ET. Shipments start April 24 and, for some models, stretch into the summer. Apple has not released any order data.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It took approximately 10 minutes for Apple to have the top-selling smartwatch of the year.


      1. You’d better believe it’s all just guesswork skewed to however Wall Street wants it to play out. It’s doubtful Wall Street wants to show AppleWatch is a success and they’ll probably play it very conservatively. There will be no jumps in Apple’s share price whether AppleWatch is a success or not. Again, this is about moving the revenue needle and Wall Street says AppleWatch won’t move that proverbial needle up if successful, only down if unsuccessful.

  1. Seems odd that Apple only had a million ready to ship. I would have thought the would have made a bigger bet. Makes Angela look a little clueless for joyfully declaring the “end of lines.” Someone ought to let her know that what was wanted is the end of waiting for months.

      1. Greetings “Think”.

        Just to make sure I understand you. You are saying that no one on the planet could forecast that Apple was going to sell more than 1-3 million watches in the first week?

    1. Don’t take the million as fact, could be MUCH more. I’m sure they’re making these as quickly as they can and by the time they send out all these preorders stretched out to June or later it could very well be 2-3 million. Or more.

      1. I don’t understand the math here.. 9,080 online shoppers’ e-receipt data was used to determine that 957,000 people pre-ordered? Is that some kind of statistical guess? Since Apple is the only one handling pre-orders, the 9,080 represented the customer data sampled?

    1. There will be no excuses. Those people never apologize for being wrong. They screw their clients with a smile and walk away like nothing happened. I’ve always figured analysts never give a damn when they’re wrong and will simply revise their estimates claiming unforeseen winds of change. These people monthly revise Apple estimates which should normally be set for a year with no apologies given.

  2. Apple set a sales record for yearly SmartWatches sold on the first day. Apple has nearly 1,000,000 first day sales (sold, yet to be delivered.) Apple will sell every watch they produce, as opposed to others that ship with watches sitting unsold on shelves and in warehouses. 🖖😀⌚️

  3. Apple will officially announced sales when they want to. Normally with the iPhone this happens after the first weekend. However since a lot of people won’t get their watches until May or later. Therefore the amount actually sold over the first weekend may be low.

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