I can’t believe Apple is doing this, right under the noses of competitors

“I can’t believe Apple is doing this,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “It seems incredible the company is achieving all of this right under the noses of watchful competitors.”

“I’m talking about Apple and IBM’s continued march into delivering best in class, approachable, useful solutions; solutions that use the power of big buzz technologies like big data analysis, artificial intelligence and connected mobile devices,” Evans writes. “It confounds me so few are taking notice. In most cases some of the biggest in enterprise IT are joining in: Salesforce for Apple Watch? It’s coming. Microsoft apps for iOS? Yep.”

“This stuff really matters. It’s a sea change in enterprise IT, and, this morning, Apple and IBM introduced eight new apps including solutions for healthcare and manufacturing,” Evans writes. “Competing firms seem blind to what’s going on as they aim to emulate what matters less. Yet the ability to weave digital technology within enterprise business processes isn’t just good for Apple and IBM, but good for the economy.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sooner than most anyone thinks, Apple will own the enterprise user.

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  1. There will be many IT departments digging deeper moats and strengthening their fences with razor wire in the hopes that this will pass them by. Windows über alles is their mantra.

    But even Gartner said it some years ago: Ignore Apple and prepare to be run over. Many are going to be run over like Wile E. Coyote on a very bad day at his office.

  2. Fly In The Ointment: Apple still hasn’t completely solved four profound flaws in their Enterprise app system:

    Masque Attack: All Your iOS Apps Belong to Us

    This vulnerability exists because iOS doesn’t enforce matching certificates for apps with the same bundle identifier….

    By leveraging Masque Attack, an attacker can lure a victim to install an app with a deceiving name crafted by the attacker (like “New Angry Bird”), and the iOS system will use it to replace a legitimate app with the same bundle identifier. Masque Attack couldn’t replace Apple’s own platform apps such as Mobile Safari, but it can replace apps installed from app store. Masque Attack has severe security consequences…

    iOS Masque Attack Revived: Bypassing Prompt for Trust and App URL Scheme Hijacking

    Masque Attack II includes bypassing iOS prompt for trust and iOS URL scheme hijacking. iOS 8.1.3 fixed the first part whereas the iOS URL scheme hijacking is still present.

    The first Masque Attack was uncovered in July, 2014 and published in November 2014. The second Masque Attack was published in February, 2015. There are two further Masque Attacks being withheld from the public while Apple addresses them. We’re still waiting for full solutions.

    Apple! Solve this! Now! Please!

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