Apple’s latest TV ad shows the world what Apple Watch can do

A lot of Apple Watch naysayers don’t seem to understand what Apple Watch can do.

As part of it’s introductory campaign, Apple shows exactly what Apple Watch can do. In Apple’s 60-second “The Watch Reimagined” TV spot, which is now in heavy rotation on U.S. broadcast and cable TV networks, the company puts the Watch through it’s paces, showing, among other things:

• The Digital Crown’s UI zooming capabilities
• Multiple Watch faces
• Various cases and bands
• Reminders
• Maps
• Weather forecasts
• Vehicle control
• PassBook / Apple Pay
• Calendar
• Alarms
• Phone calls
• Messaging
• Workout app
• Activity tracking
• Sketch
• Taps
• Heartbeat monitoring and sharing
• Music
• Animated emoji

The spot closes on “THE WATCH IS COMING” switching to “4.24.15” then the Apple Watch logo.

So, there, that’s a bit of what the Apple Watch can do. Now, shaddup, naysayers, stop being or playing dumb, and watch Apple change the world yet again!

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  1. When ever you see an apple ad, you see what the device is actually capable of doing and what most people really do with it.
    When you see an Samsung ad, you see some kind of CGI simulation or just a bunch of dumb people just taking selfies.

          1. As an open water swimmer and triathlete, it’s not so easy to track your real mileage in the open water. GPS is used for more than just finding your way back home.

            1. That’s a fairly complex problem, since the medium you are traveling through can be moving itself, river currents or tidal flows. And you sure wouldn’t want to tuck your iPhone into your swim suit. But, I was more thinking about the boat carrying the GPS, not that GPS wasn’t useful to a swimmer.

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