Beleaguered Samsung could be about to give up on Japan as iPhone sales soar

“Things aren’t looking too rosy for Samsung at the moment. Having seen profits slip due to its falling mobile sales, the flailing South Korean tech giant is reportedly considering throwing in the towel altogether in Japan, where it’s struggling more than elsewhere,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Android.

“Samsung currently represents a miniscule 4 percent of the Japanese smartphone market, which puts it in sixth place,” Dormehl reports. “According to sources with Samsung, staying in Japan is actually losing rather than gaining the company money.”

“While Samsung hasn’t traditionally been a top-seller in Japan, here in 2015 it’s doing worse than ever: with the company’s favorite metric, marketshare, shrinking from 17 percent two years ago to low single digits today,” Dormehl reports. “Apple, on the other hand, is doing well.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone roadkill.

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      1. They hate them so much everyone keeps at least one in their pocket to pull out and hate on several times a day. They use them like those squeeze ball stress relievers.

      1. What did Samsung do for Japan, after the earth quake? Do you know what Apple did? Maybe it was common decency, maybe it was more. I agree, I am making assumptions. But I can say, I like Sony, and Samsung, not so much.

        1. Akio Morita’s Sony was fantastic and I think the Japanese do equate both he and Steve Jobs on a similar plane. Obviously in subsequent regimens Apple has done better but that visionary spirit and desire for excellence I think is admire the world over.

          Samsung’s unscrupulous ways are as transparent as they come. Nothing to admire there except the ability to copy and manufacture.

      2. Apple holds a special place in the hearts of many. I am delighted to see it is especially true in Japan. I further propose that Japan may simply be a bellwether for the rest of the world.

        The reason is simple. Most people with any critical faculties and moral awareness at all would prefer to support: excellence over mediocrity; innovators over IP thieves; geeks over bullies, good value over poor value, a company aware of its destiny in putting a ripple in the universe over another company trying to foil the former and only in it for the money. Now, in which of these binary pairs do people not see the Apple v Samsung (Android, too) drama unfolding?

      3. lived in Asia for over 10 years when I was younger.

        Koreans and Japanese don’t really like each other.
        Go check their history.
        Korea was brutally occupied by Japan for a long time. (1876-1945 end of WW2 ). Korean workers brought to Japan almost like slaves and who are settled there are treated like second class citizens. Korean products don’t have much cachet in Japan.

        Likewise Koreans won’t buy Japanese products if they can help it.

        Because of their Japanese link Korean industry has many similarities to Japanese.

  1. I’d like to see samsung confess to being a lying thieving bunch of vile scumbags undeserving of any respect. People in general might then just start to consider them honest as opposed to the desperate losers they’re commonly associated as being to most of the worlds population.

    1. If I recall correctly, Samsung did to Sony in LCD TVs what it did to Apple in smartphones.

      BUT don’t quote me on this. I could be wrong. I’m still trying to locate the facts to back up my memory… Or what I heard as hearsay many years ago.

        1. That’s why I said close to. MDN occasionally changes a title on a good recommendation. Now I see you were just nitpicking. Abridged blogs follow different convention from the rest of journalism. They want to accurately catalog a story for the archives. If Samsung pulls out of Japan next month, this story title accurately identifies it as a rumor. Your’s would not.

          1. it’s grammatically incorrect. it’s because of people who are too lenient on grammatical errors and slight departures from standard syntax (either deliberately or because of iincompetence) that the general public’s standards are going to the dogs. Pretty soon, The New York Times will be using ebonics in its headlines for the sake of brevity and ‘oomph’ factor.

            1. Think back to the four word titles in dead tree journalism. Often times you couldn’t infer what they meant, or they had double meanings. We put up with it because it was necessary for the space constraints and it worked fine for identifying the articles so we wouldn’t reread the same one before chucking it.
              Standards aren’t slipping now, it’s just that the functions and trade offs are different. BTW, don’t down vote me because you don’t like my reply to you. My posting wasn’t even about the article.

  2. Interesting that for sales of iPhone6/Plus, Japan was the only country that Apple’s iOS lost market share to Android as a whole.. If iPhone6 soared, Android devices had a space launch there. Though Samsung may have lost share, it seems that the other OEMs have more than take up the slack.. Seems to me the article is simply Samsung bashing to gloss over Apple’s ‘loss’ in the only country that smartphone OS marketshare dropped.

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