Obama after Steve Jobs gave him private iPhone ‘sneak peek’ in 2007: ‘If it were legal, I would buy a boatload of Apple stock’

Presidential campaign strategist David Axelrod has a 488-page memoir, “Believer: My 40 Years in Politics,” which is due out Feb. 10 from Penguin Press.

An advance copy was obtained by the New York Daily News and an excerpt includes:

In 2007, Obama got a sneak peek at the iPhone during a private meeting with Apple’s Steve Jobs. “If it were legal, I would buy a boatload of Apple stock. This thing is going to be really big,” Obama said after the meeting.

Steve Jobs publicly unveiled the iPhone on January 9, 2007. It went on sale on June 29, 2007. Assuming that Jobs showed iPhone off to Obama sometime between those two dates, not prior to the Jan. 9th public reveal, AAPL prices ranged from $11.22 to $16.70, or an average of $13.96. 10,000 shares of AAPL purchased for $139,600 are worth $1.2 million today.

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      1. I don’t remember Bush ordering the IRS to attack his political opponents.

        I don’t remember Bush using the national security apparatus to bug the phones and computers of reporters as Obama did with Sheryl Atkinson and James Rosen and no doubt others.

        I don’t remember Bush ordering the DoJ to let Mexican drug cartel goons get automatic rifles illegally with no tracking of these guns so people would be killed (200 Mexicans and 2 US government employees) so he could advance his gun agenda, like Obama did.

        I don’t remember Bush playing cards while an Embassy was under attack and four Americans were being raped and killed and no order being given to help the Americans. Obama ordered the military to stand down. And Obama has ordered that the Press not be given any details of what he did from the time the attack started until he went to Las Vegas to meet with billionaire donors, while the bodies were being collected.

        I don’t remember Bush intentionally lying about legitimate local law enforcement actions so race riots would be started, to solidify his support among gang bangers and welfare recipients.

        I don’t remember Bush always attacking the history and traditions of the US when speaking to third world dictators.

        Bush was certainly not perfect. But on occasion he was very good. Obama is perfectly evil. Every single thing he does is perfectly understandable for a person whose goal is to destroy America.

            1. Bush created ISIS by attacking Irak with no real reason. He should have gone after Osama Bin Laden but he went after Saddam instead, guess he thought that was better deal for his business pals. Now we have to deal with ISIS. Thank God Obama took care of Bin Laden.

            2. You do realize you are a racist pig, right? Is it bad being a Muslim? Do you know Steve Jobs’s biological father was an Arab Muslim, right? People like you spew hate and nonsense a

        1. “I don’t remember Bush ordering the IRS to attack his political opponents.” “intentionally lying about legitimate local law enforcement actions” etc.

          LOL. Seriously?

          Bush went to war with a third world country because it had terrorists crossing its unprotected borders. Tons of civilians die, tons of our soldiers die, a trillion $ is added to our national debt, and … the terrorists were not caught.

          Bush attacked another country who didn’t attack us for non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Hundreds of thousands of civilians die, enormous numbers of our soldiers die, trillions of dollars added to our national debt and … no weapons of mass destruction found.

          Bush used a terrorist attack on the US to rationalize ramping up the industrial-military complex and pay for security theatre with new debt, wrecked our global reputation for representing freedom individual rights by systematically using torture, and turn the US into a surveillance state.

          In other words, we got attacked and Bush went insane and reacted like the terrorists would want. By institutionalizing fear into national politics.

          The list goes on.

          Ironically Obama doubled down on all the above except the torture.

          They are both terrible presidents.

          1. Nevermark

            Bush never took the side of the enemy against our own country, which our dear Asswipe President Barack Obama does every day. And he only lies when his lips are moving. And his ears are so big they can be used for shade. Obama is evil incarnate. And people who voted for this jerk should castrate themselves and promise never to vote again.

        2. You just didn’t hear about it, anonymous Kent. All of that type of crap happened in previous administrations (as the technologies of the time permitted), but your hidebound partisan psyche just won’t let you see it.

    1. Obama is Republican lite with a (D) behind his name on the ballot. The American Conservative even said so
      “Obama has governed as a moderate conservative—essentially as what used to be called a liberal Republican before all such people disappeared from the GOP. He has been conservative to exactly the same degree that Richard Nixon basically governed as a moderate liberal, something no conservative would deny today.”


      The author, Bruce Bartlett, served as a policy advisor to Reagan and a Treasury official under George H. W. Bush. I think he knows a Republican when he sees one.

      Deal with It.

      1. Hey botvy,

        Steve Jobs might have thought of you when he said:

        “You’ve baked a really lovely cake, but then you’ve used dog shit for frosting.” -Steve Jobs

        Wake up little shit

        1. Another conservative that doesn’t realize the ACA is nothing more than Nixonian healthcare policy that every GOP administration failed to pass. Gingrich would have danced in a pink tutu if his Congress had passed it.

          1. You obnoxious snort!

            do you snort all day long? 24/7

            Pardon me….you do take a break once in a blue moon.

            I do see you on rare occasions with some bright thoughts!

      2. On most issues Obama doubled down on Bush’s policies.

        Even his most liberal accomplishment, the new health care plan, took its inspiration from a Republican idea which is require everyone to buy their own insurance to stop the irresponsible from getting a free ride on the tax payer.

        Obama sometimes talks like a clueless liberal, and with respect to business he seems both clueless and liberal. But the actual policies he has enacted have a conservative bent.

        I put it down to him getting in office, not really having any idea what to do besides healthcare, being distracted by the economy meltdown he inherited, and so going with the flow left by Bush on most issues.

        He is certainly the most conservative behaving Democrat in many decades.

  1. It is so much fun and totally predictable.
    Anytime the proper noun “Obama” appears on MDN, the pre-programmed (I would even suggest brainwashed) haters come out in the commentary thread and flame wars ensue. Such juvenile fun!

    I never hate anyone in office. I agree or disagree with their actions and their policies. Mr. Obama has done lots of agreeable things, and lots of disagreeable things from my viewpoint.

    Please note I did not define who or what the haters on this thread hate. It is a two way street.

    1. Obama is a liar. I do indeed hate liars.
      He had to lie over and over and over to pass his signature legislation.
      I can’t tell if he is the worst American president or the best anti-American president.

    1. You obnoxious snort!

      do you snort all day long? 24/7

      Pardon me….you do take a break once in a blue moon.

      I do see you on rare occasions with some bright thoughts!

  2. $ value in article is wrong. 1.2 million in today stock is 10,000 shares, the 7:1 split is not accounted for.

    ~1429 shares of 2007 stock, purchased for $21,435 in 2007 Apple stock is now $1.2 million.

  3. Food for thought: on January 19, 2009 (The last day of President George Bush’s two terms) the Dow closed at 7,949.09, Nasdaq closed at 1,440.69 and the S&P at 805.22. Today the Dow is 17,935, Nasdaq is 4,783 and the S&P is at 2,071.

    1. Food for thought: Number of American Full-Time Jobs as Percent of Population Is Lowest It’s Ever Been
      Food for thought: Record number of Americans on Food Stamps

      1. That is the president of my country you are calling an abomination and a piece of shit. The office of president deserve some respect. Once you begin using ad hominem attacks in your argument, you have already lost the debate.
        Disagreeing with some one is one thing, attacking them is completely different.

        Once you start using ad hominem attacks any valid points you might make after that are usually completely ignored.

        1. For the president to be put in Leavenworth, he would need to be found guilty of a federal crime. You have not indicated a crime that the president is guilty of. He has also never even been put on trial for one.

  4. You nailed it. Legalities don’t stop Obama.
    He can just unconstitutionally rewrite the laws as he wishes.
    Don’t like the Obamacare mandates as written by law?
    No problem. He will delay them for you until he gets out of office.

    1. The constitution gives the president a fair amount of power to make executive decisions. It is not unconstitutional for the president to use that power. It seems you simply don’t like the way the president has chosen to use his power, that is not the same and being unconstitutional. Extreme hyperbole like that only weakens your argument.

      For another example of a president using his executive order power, see the emancipation proclamation by president Lincoln.

      You’ll need to site the instance in which the president used his power in a method that is unconstitutional. If that had happened however, there is a good chance the president would have been impeached.

        1. A spelling mistake is not the same thing as being illiterate. Either that is hyperbole and you have already lost the debate or you honestly don’t know the meaning of illiterate.

          1. Mistaking a spelling error for a lack of education is your mistake, not mine. the best writers in the world often make spelling errors or grammatical errors. Thats why they have editors.

          2. ““the best writers in the world…”

            well, you’re not among them.”

            Undoubtedly true. Hence was my point that equating a spelling mistake, something even the best writers (of which I am not) are guilty of, to a lack of education or even illiteracy was invalid.

  5. If his meeting and seeing the iPhone was before January 9th (highly unlikely, even before he was even a candidate for the democratic nomination) and he would have acted, that would be insider trading. However, once the iPhone was unveiled there was enough public information that any purchase of stock at that point would have been fine. Sounds more like a “I wish I had done that but lets make an excuse why I didn’t that still makes me look smart”. Like a lot of the other stuff that will be in the book (and this is true about all books like this), a little truth sprinkled in with a lot of other stuff to hopefully make it interesting and try to make someone look good and others not so good.

  6. Who’s to say Obama didn’t?!? What would be a good pseudo name that Obama would give to himself and create a separate identity?… “man who can’t say Islamic Terrorist”? I don’t know, but how does that translate into “Dances with Wolves” Sioux?

  7. You obnoxious snort!

    do you snort all day long? 24/7

    Pardon me….you do take a break once in a blue moon.

    I do see you on rare occasions with some bright thoughts!

    1. Third time was a charm….

      It didn’t even go through your outer layer of your skull

      Some one need to make it go through your thick skull

      May be your rotten brain gets some fresh air!

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