Apple trying ‘very hard’ to nab Tesla engineers as mystery van sightings proliferate

“According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple has made a major push to recruit talent from the electric carmaker, offering massive bonuses and significant salary bumps for those willing to come to work in Cupertino,” AppleInsider reports.

“Apple has put as much as $250,000 in signing bonuses and 60 percent raises on the table for its targets, Bloomberg reports,” AppleInsider reports. “‘Apple tries very hard to recruit from Tesla,’ Musk said. ‘But so far they’ve actually recruited very few people.'”

AppleInsider reports, “Word of Apple’s interest in Tesla employees comes days after the iPhone maker was revealed to be behind a fleet of mysterious camera-equipped vans that have popped up around the Bay Area in recent weeks.”

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MacDailyNews Take:
Parody: Tim Cook in Apple Mystery Van

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  1. There are some interesting options here that can help folks remember what integral journalism was once about.

    Today we see that one could write about Apple trying very hard to nab Tesla engineers. For what purposes, who knows? Apple keeps its secrets. Then one could write about the mystery van sightings. Again for what purposes, who knows Apple keeps its secrets.

    These two timely but possibly otherwise unrelated events are coupled together in an article. Is it a subtle attempt to create a causal link between the two event where they may or may not be one. Then again, might be a slow news day, or someone might be just two lazy to write two decent articles or do further investigation than to refer to Rob Enderle. Think about it, someone referring to Rob Enderle to add “beef” to the article being written. Sure smells like something.

    An investigative reporter with integrity would definitely be out there getting the facts, forgetting the rumors and coming up with clear conclusions based on factual evidence.

    Fortunately some of the comments of the story are well worth reading.

  2. As we don’t know what skills the Tesla employees have its difficult to judge what relavence this all has. However an informed guess would say that their expertise is in batteries and/or electronic control of those bateries would be top of the list. We already know that Apple and tesla have had talks probably about such matters. As for the cars does anybody really think that Apple is really into driverless cars they have no real short to medium term relevance to reality. If Apple was interested at all it would be to test how they might impinge on its automotive plans long term. However far more likely is some form of mapping or related development followed by a deliberate attempt to make a monkey out of analysts coming to ludicrous conclusions.

  3. Anyone who quotes “expert” Bob Enderle is hard to take seriously:

    “Some, like technology analyst Rob Enderle, believe those vans are test mules for new self-driving car technology”.

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