KGI: iPad to post biggest sales decline ever in 2015 — and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro won’t help

“A new report from KGI out today predicts iPad sales this year will drop by around 30% marking the biggest decline in the history of the device,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac. “That 30% decline year over year compared to 2014 means KGI predicts Apple will sell 44-45 million units during 2015.”

“The decline in iPad sales has already started, according to estimates from KGI, with the firm predicting shipments in Q1 and Q2 of this year will drop by over 50%,” Kahn reports. “More specifically, KGI says iPads will see a 52.7% QoQ in Q1 2015 with sales of 10.1 million iPads and a another 30-40% drop in Q2 2015 with 7.8 million units.”

Kahn reports, “KGI adds that while it’s ‘confident that the expected 12.9-inch iPad model can create an improved user experience,’ it doesn’t expect the device to ‘contribute meaningfully to shipments momentum anytime soon.'”

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  1. the iPad Air ads aren’t bad

    But they are only one ‘type’ of ad i.e showing happy people using apps.

    The TV ads don’t tell us why we should buy a new iPad and replace our old like the new iPad Air is x times faster, x ounce lighter etc.
    (maybe if you tell people that a new iPad is twice as fast as their old one and their favourite app would run better like no stuttering etc. people will be more willing to upgrade).

    right now when I look an iPad ad like ‘change’ I say ” hey cool apps let me download them into my OLD iPad”.

    Emphasizing ‘features’ (like megahertz myth) can be detrimental but not telling people ‘why’ they should upgrade is a fail too.

  2. People are buying bigger iPhones and fewer iPads. But this is intentional. Apple is a master of beneficial cannibalism. You DO want to a product with higher margins to cannibalize one with lower margins. And the iPhone 6 [Plus] has huge margins. Besides increasing margins and therefore profits, this has an added benefit: it opens the door for a lower-end touch-capable MacBook Air in the future. Count on it.

    1. And a larger, faster iPad + bluetooth keyboard + longer battery + modest improvements in iOS translates into who needs a laptop? We have also yet to see the full fruit of penetration into enterprise applications. Business apps could rapidly alter sales. iPad + bluetooth keyboard and cash drawer = sales terminal. iPad applications in medicine or other industries? A welcome relief from the tyranny of windows crap.

  3. Price is always a good motivator.
    I bet there are loads out there that are just about full to bursting.
    Add bigger memory capacity and reduce the cost increments for additional GB.
    Allow the 3g/4g versions to do all the functions of the phone ie. a normal SIM for calls.
    There’s lots they could do to generate demand to upgrade more often.

  4. I love my iPad but I will say that there are usage irritants that prevent me seeing it as a complete laptop replacement. One such instance was when I was trying to copy 10 entries in a safari page about pubs I wanted to enter into Evernote. Copy go out of browser open Evernote click page paste out of Evernote return to safari and repeat 9 more times. If there is a short cut for this I really don’t know it and what would take me 30 seconds on my Mac took ten minutes using this clunky method. I needed either side window with Evernote or an intelligent icon or alternative a pop up menu perhaps that allows you the option to repeat what you have just done with whatever you then select. It’s this monolithic nature of the device that is by far my most annoying user experience, that lack of flexible interaction between apps at times even though available services available through contextual menus like mailing selections or adding to reading list et al has gradually Improved.

    1. I agree with most of what you said.

      I wonder if the solution is making a ‘Pro’ interface that you can select as well as a default simple interface for those who just want to consume or do simple stuff.

      (I’m not techie enough to know if there are limits to the chip / battery etc that limits a more complex structure or just that Apple wants simplicity above all else).

    2. First of all, the iPad was never intended to completely replace a laptop.

      Secondly if it takes you 30 seconds to do as you say on a Mac, it is no wonder it takes you 10 minutes to do it on an iPad.

      Thirdly, you don’t know everything about Evernote.

  5. to me the game changer for iPad would be pressure sensitivity (I believe the Apple Watch has some kind of pressure sensitivity). It would increase the ability of the iPad by a huge amount, think of music keyboard that responds to different amounts of pressure, pen lines that vary in width etc.

  6. The fact of the matter is that the iPad still has the potential to be the greatest computing device of all time.

    The problem: Apple crippled it and left it crippled to preserve their Mac business.

    If Apple did these three things, they wouldn’t be able to ever keep enough in stock:

    * Mouse support
    * OSX/iOS hybrid support
    * A mobile file system that talks to the Desktop file system!


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