Twitter backtracks from blaming Apple iOS 8 for user loss

“Twitter Inc. is no longer blaming Apple Inc.’s September iOS software update for the loss of 4 million users,” Sarah Frier reports for Bloomberg.

“Twitter Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo on Thursday pointed to an “unforeseen bug” in the Apple update to explain the loss of users to analysts during its most recent quarter. Twitter’s active members grew more slowly than Wall Street had estimated, prompting several analysts to press the CEO on the trend during its earnings call,” Frier reports. “On Friday, a clarification message appeared on Twitter’s investor relations account. ‘There was no bug or issue with iOS 8,’ the tweet said. ‘It is an issue on Twitter’s side as users upgraded.'”

“The glitch wasn’t in the software itself, a spokesman for San Francisco-based Twitter said Friday,” Frier reports. “The problems were related to the social network’s integration of the Apple update. For example, users who had accounts that weren’t encrypted lost their credentials for logging into the service, he said.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Dear MDN:

    Our favorite site (this one) doesn’t load at all on iPad nor iPhone; it gets stuck at the middle of the small blue bar. It doesn’t load anything. Is this a problem or an intentional move to make us switch to your iOS app?

    1. Could be caused by many factors, not the least of which your own ISP (internet service provider) or your own LAN (local area network). You can confirm this by trying to load the website when you’re on an entirely different internet connection, such as switching to your carrier’s data network.

      1. I’ve been in my mom house today and the problem is the same there and here in my home. Moreover, I can visit the website in my MacBook, but in iPhone and iPad doesn’t finish loading ever.

    1. Your comment shows you to be a clueless idiot for failing to read the article and understand the fact that Twitter’s criticism of iOS was unfounded, the issue lay with Twitter.
      Your lack of basic comprehension of such a simple fact shows you to be just one of the mindless hoard of those who criticise because it’s fashionable to do so.

  2. MDN loads fine on my iPad 2 via Safari. Why use Safari rather than the app?
    Because Safari allows me to actually post comments, the app refuses to, and trying to log on is so painful I’ve given up trying.
    For a supposedly Mac/Apple biased site, having such a shitty app is positively embarrassing.

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