Study: iPhone users are smarter and richer than those who settle for Android phones

“Are you an iPhone user? Congratulations! You’re probably smarter than the Android owner sitting next to you,” David Goldman reports for CNN.

“A new study conducted by online advertising network Chitika found that states with more college graduates tend to also have higher iPhone sales,” Goldman reports. “Alaska (66%), Montana and Vermont have the largest percentage of iPhone users. New Mexico (41%), Iowa and Delaware have the lowest share of iPhone sales per capita.”

“Notably, Chitika found that increased wealth is also linked to greater iPhone sales — but since college degrees also correlate with higher incomes, Chitika says those results are redundant,” Goldman reports. “The iPhone remains the single most popular smartphone in the United States. More than 42% of U.S. smartphones are iPhones, according to comScore. Runner-up Samsung commands 28% of the U.S. market.”

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Chitika: iPhone usages rate by U.S. state
Chitika: iPhone usages rate by U.S. state

MacDailyNews Note: Nebraska and Kansas are reversed on Chitika’s map. Must have been labeled by an Android settler.

Chitika’s state-by-state breakdown of iPhone ownership:

Alaska: 65.5%
Montana: 60.1%
Vermont: 59.4%
Hawaii: 58.7%
Mississippi: 58.7%
Connecticut: 58.1%
Massachusetts: 56.6%
New York: 56.2%
Kansas: 55.6%
New Jersey: 55.3%
California: 53.3%
Louisiana: 53.3%
South Dakota: 52.9%
West Virginia: 52.4%
New Hampshire: 52.1%
Rhode Island: 52%
Illinois: 51.5%
Georgia: 50.8%
Idaho: 50.8%
Kentucky: 50.5%
Nevada: 50.5%
Arkansas: 50.4%
Maine: 50%
Virginia: 50%
Oregon: 49.7%
Pennsylvania: 49.5%
Wyoming: 49.5%
Nebraska: 49%
Utah: 49%
North Dakota: 48.5%
Colorado: 48.3%
Minnesota: 48.3%
Tennessee: 48.0%
Maryland: 47.8%
South Carolina: 47.2%
Alabama: 47.1%
Ohio: 46.3%
North Carolina: 46.2%
Florida: 45.8%
Oklahoma: 45.1%
Texas: 44.9%
Arizona: 44.6%
Indiana: 44.6%
Michigan: 43.8%
Missouri: 43.6%
Washington: 43.6%
Wisconsin: 43.1%
Delaware: 42.2%
Iowa: 42.1%
New Mexico: 40.5%

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarasota” for the heads up.]

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    1. I blame Microsoft for the low percentage in my home state of Washington.

      And for the naysayers of Alaska, the state has the fourth highest average income off all the states in the union. Your stereotypes aren’t true. Between the oil industry and the do it yourself entrepreneural nature of many Alaskans, it is no wonder. I’ve had several friends from Alaska, they are hard workers!

    1. I guess the surprise that the more rural states of Alaska, Montana and Mississippi have such high iPhone percentage usage…in your head, you’d think it would be more urbanized states, higher cellular tower concentration.

      1. It may have something to do with the total population in the state, and the percentage of it that is urban. At least with Alaska, that is the case (it is near the top of the list by urban percentage of population, right behind Alabama), probably because the rural Alaska is so sparsely populated, the state is still mostly urban. Montana and Mississippi are in the bottom half of that list, though, so not quite sure where their educated population lives.

      2. Maybe the article should have been titled “Progressives use Android and Conservatives use iPhone”.

        Or, considering that Apple makes things for the “rest of us” does that not imply us dummies or less techno-nerds?

        Note: half the State of NY is not in NYC and therefore not as “progressive”. Same could be said of California – lot of farmland except in LA and SF.

        Bottom line, I think this article stinks and just leads to class envy and snobbery. Hate these articles.

  1. I’ve always found this need to use the terms ‘smarter’ and ‘richer’ to be elitist and silly. We get kicked around with Neo-Feudalistic aristoCrap all day already.

    I settle for the term PRACTICAL. I look askance at people NOT using Apple gear as potentially impractical. 😀

  2. You should see the mental and verbal somersaults all the Fandroids are doing on the original site in the comments section! There is a strong majority of them implying that Apple bribed CNN to publish this ‘fake’ study…!!

    I remember Apple fans of late 90’s, who were called religious zealots. That was nothing compared to Fandroids of today. These people are absolutely irrational!

  3. Pull your big head out of your AZ if you think a brand of phone makes you smarter. Looking both ways before you cross a street is smarter than an iPhone purchase. I just sat next to someone at a bar who’s boss bought him an iphone, and he had no idea how to work it. The company bought 60 new phones, because the boss got a discount on the 2 year plan upgrade. Really your dumb because you don’t use an iphone, sounds like a bully to me.

    1. Yep they hand you a new replacement phone, and it still doesn’t work, apple fans love that. Wow just got new phone, works for the most part, can still make calls and text, could have bought a cheap phone for that, but have to wait for Bluetooth to work, I apple fans like to be told yes, it’s broken, and we are working on that. Just need a hug from someone, and wait for update.

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