OS X Yosemite hidden features

“Following on from Part 1 in this Yosemite series, looking at features of Yosemite that are not so well known or perhaps even hidden, Part 2 will focus on added features to the Apple Safari web browser app,” Russell Harris reports for Amsys.

“Apple have spent a lot of time on their web browser, and it really is a strong competitor now,” Harris reports. “Yosemite’s Safari has made Private Browsing more convenient. You can now just enable it in a new browser window, allowing you to perform your unmonitored browsing in one window while leaving all your usual websites open in other windows.”

“Safari now has a nice feature to show you a clear view of all currently opened tabs in the current window. To do this, you could select ‘Show All Tabs’ from Safari’s ‘View’ menu or use the shortcut keys of ‘SHIFT + COMMAND + \,'” Harris reports. ” But the easiest way, is to select the ‘Show all Tabs’ icon.””

Much more in the full article here.


    1. So glad I’ve been lucky enough to avoid this bug on both my iPhone and MBP. My sister’s iPad, however, is another story entirely. I tried using it this past weekend, and wow…so frustrating.

    2. I have not experienced any WiFi issues on my Macbook since checking the box in System Preferences>Network>WiFi>Advanced>Require administration password to: Change Networks.

    1. The only advance in Safari on 10.10 is it does not go unstable and crash after a large online session.

      I read the WaPo, NYT and LA Times daily and also subscribe to The Nation, The Economist, The Atlantic and Mother Jones. Having lots of story tabs and reference link tabs open used to make Safari very unstable. Now it behaves properly.

      I do not like the UI changes any more than you. Jony Ive should be banned from having anything to to with UI.

    2. Somewhat Along the same lines :
      Ergonomically one of the most inefficient and annoying features of osx is the centerlized menu on top of the screen which changes based on what window is active !
      Unergonomic. Prone to mistakes and inefficient.
      Apple should allow for each window to have its self contained menu on top of the window as an option in settings . This way ons can stay focused on the window one is working on rather than cruse all over the screen to get to menu items!
      Tired of looking back and forth and moving my mouse back and forth from the window im working on to top of the screem just to get an item clicked on the menu ( much bigger inefficiency on 27″+ monitors and repetitive tasks )
      Also double checking if the menu belongs to the window im working on. Heck sometime a window will be hidden and the top menu will still show its menu.
      Super duper inefficient … And i have no idea why apple sticks to this stuipd ui choice !
      Give us an option Apple !!!

      Ps,.. I have had quite a heated discussion about this on apple forum! Have heard a lot of derogatory comments from many Because of critiquing apple on this issue… But no one has been able to convince me of the advantage, Yet! Specially on larger monitors while working on multiple windows !
      The best i heard was… “Eventually u will get used to it “……
      ( but that is no solution its a copout )

      Ok now i have my armor on.. Go ahead shoot ….

        1. Yes in a way for pro users …. But not a substiute for intuitive and efficient ui !
          No reason why apple does not allow an option in the settings for this ! Its not rocket science..
          I have a bitter feeling they dont do this just to differentiate from windows !
          Not good ..imho

          1. This is not a “pro” feature. It’s a smart feature. If someone is too damn lazy to explore their Mac and learn its functions, they have themselves to blame when they can’t get anything done quickly and efficiently. I don’t want the menu bar going into the individual app windows. I hate that Windows has that “feature”. It clutters up the top of the app window and wastes a lot of vertical space.

            1. Well, Howie, toolbars should not be an either/or question.

              One should be able to perform almost all regularly use OS and app commands via whichever method the user prefers. The user should be able to configure his toolbar to be as sparse or as comprehensive as he wishes. He should be able to intuitively set up whatever keyboard shortcuts work best for him.

              Another benefit of a well-designed toolbar is that even when you use keyboard command, the icons on a toolbar can indicate what mode or function is active. The problem is, Apple keeps fucking up the GUI on all its recent apps so that Ive can hide everything behind his gray and white camouflage, annoying pop-ups and transparencies, etc. Consistent comprehensive interfaces are no longer in fashion as Apple continues to follow Microsoft’s hideous ever-changing Ribbon and annoying Tiles design styles, but with less color.

        2. Agree I am same using both left hand for key commands and right with mouse …. So much quicker than just mouse ….

          Sometimes I just can’t stand it when someone else is showing me something taking so much time to get to the point!

          1. Its does not address the point i am making. If that is a solution then why not get rid of the whole menu bar alltigether ! ?
            The point is menus are there because 95% of people dont memorize shortcuts !
            And the present ui interactivity for menus is not ergonomic and efficient !

            Plus shortcuts only solve hslf of the problem… U still have to maje sure the correct menue is up !

        3. Sorry… But could not disagree more ! Did u read my post all the way through..
          I said it can be an option in settings ( its not Roket science) .. U dont like it? set it up the way u like it…
          Also windows getting cluttered up is as bogus as saying i rather have my couch outside in the hallway to have more space in my living room.

          Also The menu in each window can have auto hide feature .. So your problem is very easy address .

          The idea is not to minimize choise and options.. The idea is to facilitate how one feels comfortable working with the computer.

          Allowing this feature as an option wont make the slightest differance for you… U can always set it up to function as u like..
          But not having the option effects all those who like to work this way !
          In my observation for the 30 years 95% of people using computers !

      1. With the menu bar always at the top, you really don’t have to aim carefully…just swipe your mouse up to the top and it won’t go past it. Makes it an infinitely large target to hit.

      1. I mean opening a folder in a new window by itself. One window per folder. As it stands now when you open a folder you see it in only one active window and you arrow through the windows as if you were arrowimg through websites on a browser.

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