Apple Watch wins the war for the wrist before it starts

“The Apple Watch is the most divisive product Apple’s launched since the iPhone, with plenty of detractors saying it’s not even going to be an iPod-size hit. “It’s a niche techie device that normal people aren’t going to want to wear,” is the general complaint I’ve heard,” Buster Hein writes for Cult of Mac. “But after roaming the fitness and wearables section at CES, I’m certain Apple Watch is going to destroy half the companies battling in this space within the next two to three years. It’s not even going to be a close fight.”

“Apple Watch isn’t just a fitness band. It’s not just a fashion accessory either,” Hein writes. “But those are really the only two things the competition is making: accelerometers wrapped in a fitness bracelet, or fashionable watches that kind of talk to your phone. Apple Watch is both of these and much, much more.”

“At CES, it became immediately clear that the rest of the industry still has no idea what regular people might want to use wearables for, other than tracking movement and footsteps. And even though Apple shined a bright light on the future of wearables in September, most of the industry hasn’t caught on to what makes Apple Watch special,” Hein writes. “There are four big points all the other major players seem to be missing.”

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    1. By what measure has Apple “won”? Sales? Or are we now measuring Apple’s success based on echo chamber expectations.

      I am willing to wait until using it before determining if it’s a meaningful addition to my electronics collection. Prediction is notoriously inaccurate, especially if its about the future.

  1. > Apple Watch is a wrist-size hub for all your devices

    Got that a bit backwards… iPhone is the HUB for Apple’s emerging wearable computing platform. Apple Watch is the first of many wearable devices that tap into ever more powerful iPhones. However, when present, an Apple Watch can be the “control interface” for other devices (including the iPhone itself).

  2. I’m a 68 year old wrist watch wearing type of person. Two years ago my Casio Dataman broke and is so old replacement parts to fix it were no longer available. I miss it.

    Apple Watch is the first watch that looks like it can replace my trusty Casio Dataman. All the other bonus features Apple Watch can be are just that to me – bonus features. I’m just glad to finally get a multifunctional wrist watch back on my wrist. 😃

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