Five hardware features I’d love to see in a 12-inch iPad Pro

“While Apple absolutely did not leak one on their website, elaborating on why that wasn’t a 12-inch iPad Pro got me thinking again about what could be,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore.

“Yes, a bigger iPhone 6 still feels far more important, but that doesn’t make the mental exercise any less interesting,” Ritchie writes. “So, beyond how Apple could scale the iPad display to 12-inches, how else could Apple differentiate a larger tablet? What other features could Apple add to make an iPad truly ‘pro?'”

Five hardware features I’d love to see in a 12-inch iPad Pro:
1. Keyboard cover
2. Pressure sensitivity
3. Deep color (display)
4. 4K camera
5. Battery life

Read more – including discussion of ports, docks and software – in the full article here.

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    1. That is simply in fundamental conflict with the limitations of the OS, coupled with Apple’s drive for simplicity.

      Anyone who has ever used Android (with removable memory cards) can testify how much of a colossal hassle it is on Android. When the card is unmounted/removed, half of the icons suddenly disappear (for apps that are installed on the card), music player reports error messages for all the track that are missing form a playlist (because they are on the card), many apps report error messages when they don’t encounter the card that was there when they were originally installed (even if they reside on internal storage)… And when you re-insert that card, those errors don’t necessarily go away, and certainly not in a consistent manner.

      I know Apple would likely do this in a much better and cleaner way, but it is still fundamentally against the simplicity principle. More importantly, the number of users who are actually vocally asking for the ability to insert a memory card is practically negligible. By introducing the ability to use removable memory, Apple would be devoting a major amount of effort (in order to do this right) to bring a feature that most people never asked for. As it is, 128GB (highest-capacity iPhone / iPad) is quite a lot of storage space, and the number of people who can’t live with even that is truly minuscule.

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