“CES 2015 brought the promise of a new and improved slate of wearables and smart tech. Many also hoped the conference would lend clarity to the conversation around the future of smart watches,” Tayven James writes for Wired. “Instead, the rather paltry offering of new wearables was characterized by some critics as ‘a complete lack of high profile launches.'”

“The Apple Watch, announced in September and expected to launch at the start of spring 2015, may still be the gold standard of wearable technology,” James writes. “Though its price point is noticeably higher than its Android competitors, the Apple Watch is sure to get a serious look from any iPhone user looking to adopt a wearable device in the immediate future.”

James writes, “The Apple Watch looks poised for big success in 2015.”

Four of the best wearables form CES 2015 (that’s not saying much) profiled in the full article here.

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