Why Apple Watch will own the high end wearable market

“At some point in the next few months (‘Early 2015’ can’t push much past March, can it?), Apple will release its Watch, likely defining the high end of the wearable category,” Kyle Russell writes for TechCrunch. “Analysts think that it’s going to sell somewhere in the range of 30 million units in its first 12 months — nowhere close to the range of the iPhone or iPad today but still incredibly impressive for the wearable category overall.”

“If you take a look through the Watch Kit Apple released to developers back in November, the apps iOS developers can make for the Watch today are not far off from what’s available on the Android side of things. At launch, there’s going to be a lot of actionable notifications and functions that work in unison with apps on your phone,” Russell writes. “So why does everyone think the Apple Watch is going to do so well compared to the current slate of smart watches available on the market?”

“As blogger Matt Richter wrote last week, there’s no way Apple will open up the functionality that will make the Apple Watch so attractive (the connection to the iPhone at the operating system level) to anything but its own Watch,” Russell writes. “Actual luxury-watch makers will have to rely on Android Wear if they want to compete, which will only work with Android phones… which wealthy people, as a category, don’t buy. If there’s even a bit of a smart watch market, Apple will assuredly take the high end of it.”

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  1. Why do people keep writing articles about some product that won’t be released for months? All they’re made up is about a bunch of guesses. They must be running out of stuff to write about shipping products. It’s really funny. The Microsoft Band came and went and I honestly didn’t see that many articles written about it and yet for some reason the AppleWatch is constantly being written about without hardly anyone having touched one. Projecting AppleWatch sales with any sort of accuracy at this point is ridiculous.

    1. People from the media HAVE “touched one.” Immediately after the event that introduced Apple Watch, where Apple’s leaders CLEARLY explained (to everyone) how Apple Watch works. Apple has released the “WatchKit” SDK to developers, along with a “seed” of the next iOS 8 release for testing, which incorporates interaction between iPhone and Apple Watch. If you think, “All they’re made up is about a bunch of guesses,” you obviously have NOT been paying much attention. 😉

      I read quite a few articles about Microsoft Band (and it seems like a competent product), but if hasn’t received as much coverage as Apple Watch, that’s not Apple’s fault. Microsoft Band is not as interesting to the media, because the media’s customers (the “audience”) want to hear more about Apple Watch. To the media, Microsoft “Band” is a gloried Nike “FuelBand.” And Apple Watch is something fresh and different.

      Apple Watch will own the ENTIRE market of watch-like wearables, for iPhone customers. So, you can make a “projection” of sales using potential customers (the number of iPhone 5 and later owners) by predicting the percentage that will buy an Apple Watch to enhance their iPhone user experience. Even one-out-of-ten (10%) means Apple Watch is a HUGE success. In the recent December quarter alone, Apple probably sold about 70 million new iPhones. Apple Watch is compatible with every iPhone going back to iPhone 5 (two generations ago). That’s a VERY large (and known) base of potential customers, and it’s not “ridiculous” to make such projections (like 30 million in the first 12 months), based on the known facts and past behavior of Apple customers.

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