Apple Mac surges as global PC sales falter in fourth quarter

“Apple continues to outpace the rest of the PC market, as price cuts for the MacBook Air earlier this year helped boost global PC shipments above 80 million for the first time last year, even amid a declining market,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet.

“The big winner this holiday season was Apple, as research firm IDC said it posted a 7.1% market share for a gain of nearly 19% over its 2013 numbers,” Ciaccia reports. “All other manufacturers were able to post a combined 32.2% share which was down from their 39.6% share one year ago for a decline of nearly 21%.”

Ciaccia reports, “In the U.S., HP fared even better then it did globally, with… HP owning a 30.1% market share. Dell was second with 4.3 million units shipped for a 23.8% market share, and Apple came in third in market share, seeing a 18.1% growth rate year over year as the company shipped 2.2 million units, good enough for a 12.7% share of the PC market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Karma’s taking her sweet time on this one, but eventually the indomitable Mac wins out over cheap, upside-down and backwards wannabes.


  1. “PC market” excludes iPads, while counting Windows tablets (and “convertible” laptops). Nonetheless, even if only Macs are counted as PCs, Apple is “indomitable,” especially in profit share.

    Apple has an advantage here that no competitor can claim. Apple has a HUGE pool of potential NEW customers called “disgruntled Windows users.” Apple continues to turn them into loyal Apple customers at a steady pace (that seems to be accelerating). For Microsoft, “Windows 10” can’t come soon enough, to erase the Windows 8 kludge from memory.

  2. I like Apple but this proprietary stuff has to stop. Its good in some ways and bad in others. The soldered RAM, non-standard SSD, etc. Making things too simply can make it harder to use as well like the rumored new 12″ Macbook Air with only one new USB Type C port.

    1. Soldered RAM is not “proprietary,” nor is it exclusive to Apple. The “non-standard” SSD to which you refer is simply the latest in a string of SSD advancements made by Apple. Without Apple, SSDs would all still mimic the 2.5″ notebook HDD form factor. Instead, we now have “stick” SSDs with extremely fast PCIe interfaces.

      Apple has made some mistakes in the past with proprietary ports, busses, etc. But the things that are apparently bothering you have nothing to do with “proprietary.”

  3. I remember telling a co-worker years ago that the demise of Windows and Microsoft would not be one big thing but death by a thousand cuts. iOS, Android, Chrome, LINUX and Mac OS have done just that.

  4. I have been Mac user since 1992 and I am buying a new 15″ MBP for my birthday in April. Can’t wait till them!

    I will hand over my trusty old early 2008 17″ MBP to my wife. My daugher has the previous 17″ G4 PowerBook that is still running like clockwork. Love my Macs 🙂

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