Chevron to support Apple Pay at gasoline pumps in early 2015

“Oil company Chevon has plans to expand its use of Apple Pay to gas pumps in the new year, according to a tweet the company sent out to a customer earlier today,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“In the message, Chevron says that it is working with Apple to bring Apple Pay payment solutions to pumps by early 2015,” Clover reports. “Chevron is an early Apple Pay partner, and was listed as one of Apple’s supporters when the service first launched on October 20.”

Clover reports, “Apple Pay is accepted at Chevron and Texaco gas stations at the current time, but it can only be used at the in-store cash register, which is considerably less convenient than a pump-side payment option.”

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  1. I can hardly wait to pay at the pump with Pay. I refuse to go to or use Shell. I boycotted them ever since their apartheid policies became know in South Africa. I will never use them.

      1. The idea of boycotting corporate entities over social issues is a relatively recent innovation. I frankly don’t understand how boycotting the U.S. government has much of anything to do with buying gasoline. And at the risk of being accused of endorsing slavery, interment or treatment of navtive americans (which of course I am not), I do know that it is shortsighted to judge people in history by today’s standards or perspective. All those things took place in different world. The context of history has to be calculated to understand why “good” people could have done such seemingly “bad” things.

        Lastly, for “Any body but Shell”, FWIW I don’t believe that Shell is owned by the same operators that owned during apartheid times in S. Africa.

  2. One more place I’ll shop with Apple Pay to protect my card information. I just chunked down several hundred dollars today at Whole Foods and Walgreens – stores that saw precious little of me before that. I’ve been to Macy’s and McDonalds several times since Apple Pay as well. This isn’t about ease of pay, but it certainly is; it’s about protecting my personal and payment information from sloppily protected payment networks.

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