The many ways Apple will try to make a dent in the universe in 2015

“Apple may be the most interesting and well-known tech company on earth, but it’s also the most secretive,” Mark Sullivan writes for VentureBeat. “That, of course, is part of its seductive power.”

Sullivan reports, “Since it’s Christmastime, I think I’ll invent some new predictions (or re-gift some old ones) about what Apple will release next year. Why not? I’m about half rocked on egg nog and brandy anyway. So here they are…”

Three select snippets:
• Apple will release a new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in June.
• Following the path of previous release schedules and nomenclature, an upgraded iPhone 6S will show up in 2015.
• Apple will launch a 12-inch iPad.

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    1. Many content providers automatically adjust the video quality to match your bandwidth. With 3MBps ADSL service, I seldom received HD content from those providers. If someone else is using you Internet in parallel to your AppleTV viewing, then your video with often stop to buffer.

      I tried upgrading to 6 Mbps ADSL, and it helped. But, if you can get higher bandwidth service, then that is the way to go. Out in the country, I understand that 1.5 to 3 Mbps is often the top speed.

      Keep in mind that the AppleTV also serves as a conduit for the iTunes content on your Mac and iOS devices.

  1. Can Apple make a BETTER chip than Intel?
    ANY “pro” LESS POWERFUL than Intel is an embarrassment, and helps MicroSoft.
    A duel screen mac/pad with an INTEL chip would be MUCH BETTER !
    The Top screen would work like a regular laptop, BUT the Bottom screen would work like a keyboard, but ALSO, FCP editing screen, color corrector, audio panel etc.
    This would open up a GREAT opportunity, for developers to use their imaginations, and come up with all kinds of things.
    Or….. you can have a WEAK-ass ” pro ” pad, that’s NOT REALLY all that pro.

  2. To make it clear… I would want Apple to make it’s own chip.
    But, no matter how big, or how much money Apple has, that doesn’t mean they can do BETTER than Intel.
    But Apple IS working with IBM, and has already made a chip with them. (64 bit g5)
    1. Apple can partner with IBM.
    2. Apple hired someone who used to work at AMD.
    Put those things together and who knows? It Would be GREAT if Apple could do their own high power chip. And why not a custom chip set that includes graphics? Hint: Disney/Pixar. Thet could call it the Amiga custom chip set AAA.

    1. Apple can and is doing better than Intel for at least three reasons. First, Intel is trying to address a wide range of hardware applications whereas Apple is focused on just a few, tightly controlled product lines. Second, Intel CPUs have to cater to the Wintel x86 heritage with all of the baggage that entails. Third, Apple controls both the hardware and the software, enabling the company to get the most power and efficiency out of its CPU designs (e.g., Metal graphics).

      Intel has been struggling In the low power, mobile CPU arena for years with little success. Meanwhile, in less than a decade, Apple has created multiple generations of the À-series processors based on the licensed ARM designs and has increased its lead in the performance/power efficiency battle.

  3. Perhaps its because I’m using an older version of Pages and iWork, but a more compatible version of this suite with Office would may really be in order to penetrate the business and academic universe.

  4. Apple CAN do better than Intel at the mobile level. no doubt, but I’m talking about desktop.
    There Apple may, or may not, be able to do BETTER than Intel.
    So…… surprise me Apple !!!

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