Christmas online sales up 8.3%, iOS sales nearly quadruple Android’s

“Christmas is a religious and cultural celebration for billions of people, which means it’s also a big day for online shopping,” Emil Protalinski reports for VentureBeat. “Online sales grew by 8.3 percent over 2013, according to the latest figures from IBM. Mobile traffic accounted for more than half (57.1 percent) of all online shopping traffic, up 18.6 percent over 2013. Mobile sales made up over a third (34.8 percent) of total Christmas Day online sales, an increase of 20.4 percent year-over-year.”

“As always in the U.S., iOS beat out Android in mobile shopping this Christmas. iOS users averaged $97.28 per order compared to $67.40 for Android users, a difference of 44.3 percent,” Protalinski reports. “iOS traffic accounted for 39.1 percent of total online traffic, more than double that of Android, which drove 17.7 percent of all online traffic. More importantly, iOS sales accounted for 27 percent of total online sales, nearly four times that of Android, which drove 7.6 percent of all online sales.”

“As we’ve noted before, the discrepancy between Android and iOS for these numbers can often be attributed to the fact that the latter has a larger market share in the U.S.,” Protalinski reports. “The difference is even larger for sales than for traffic, however, which is likely because iOS users have more money than Android users.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart developers, accessory makers, home automation makers, vehicle makers, advertisers, etc. go where the money is.

Facile “analyses” that look only at market (unit) share, equating one Android settler to one iOS user, make a fatal error by incorrectly equating users of each platform one-to-one. When it comes to mobile operating systems, all users are simply not equal.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, November 15, 2014

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  1. Strange how this year there was no report on total purchases comparison made for the two OSes. Rather they only report per user which seems to be a spin to possible downplay that the total spending gap is much smaller between ecosystems this holiday season.

    1. “More class” certainly sounds like elitism to me. “More sense” is an opinion, not an observable fact in the aggregate.

      You can enjoy your Apple stuff without disparaging those who do no choose Apple. Please do not propagate the MDN elitist mentality.

  2. Hmmm.

    A free imitation operating system sold to geeks and cheapskates, er, “price conscious” customers is showing lower sales results out there in the online marketplaces?

    Who woulda thunk?

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