Apple offers Boxing Day iTunes sales for Canadian, UK customers

“Canadians are once again getting a sale on selected albums in iTunes as part of a ‘Boxing Day’ event, part of a traditional observance throughout Canada and a number of other Commonwealth countries,” MacNN reports. “The UK iTunes Store is also having a sale on hit albums, but doesn’t label the event as a ‘Boxing Day'” sale. US users don’t get a sale, but are instead enjoying special holiday channels on iTunes Radio, which remains unavailable in the UK and Canada.”

MacNN reports, “Users with accounts in Canada or the UK can access the special sections through either the desktop or mobile versions of iTunes. Broadly speaking, such sales run until January 2 in countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago and other Commonwealth nations.”

Read more in the full article here.

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