You got an Apple TV? Here are some handy tips and tricks

“The latest Apple TV may be two years old, but it still makes a good gift idea,” Christina Bonnington reports for Wired. “If you subscribe to Apple’s ecosystem, the Apple TV still makes a lot of sense because of its tie-ins to iOS, and because of AirPlay mirroring. But first you’ve got to get things configured.”

“[Once] your Apple TV is set up, you can use AirPlay to stream photos, videos, or music from your iOS device (or iTunes on your Mac) to your TV. Make sure your iOS device and the Apple TV are on the same Wi-Fi network, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get to Control Center,” Bonnington reports. “Tap the AirPlay button, then select the device you want to AirPlay to: For photos, video, or music, you can select the Apple TV, which will have a TV icon next to it; for music, you can also just select speakers if you have AirPlay-enabled speakers in your home.”

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  1. Call me when I can sign in once and have every channel authorized. Call me on the Red Phone when every channel is linked, I can search them all with Siri, and I can purchase channels en masse through iTunes, or purchase number-of-show bundles, where every channel is unlocked and you pay for x number of shows a month, no matter the source.

    1. And God said: “Not in my lifetime Hilgo.”

      (Just kidding – Your list sounds great, but, I’m thinking it may be a while ’til your Red Phone rings – but call me right away when it does!) 😉

  2. I love my AppleTV for accessing media in my iTunes Library. Otherwise, not so much. To use most of the “channels”, you need to already have access to some form of broadcast TV. I don’t. So, most of the channels I have to hide and pretend they don’t exist. This is true even for “over-the-air” broadcasters. If you don’t *already* otherwise have access, you can’t have access. Someone please explain this to me. If you already have satellite or cable or even OTA, you probably have a DVR or other offline access that comes with it. Why do I need it AGAIN on the AppleTV. Then there’s the paid channels and content. The cost of digital media is outside my budget. A single rental costs as much as a matinee at the local theatre. A HD rental costs as much as a theatre ticket plus popcorn. And please tell me why digitally delivered content needs to cost as much or much more than the cost of physical media in the store. It must be nice on the other side of the digital divide.

    1. I agree that it makes no sense that you can’t get channels on AppleTV unless you already subscribe to them, but you can blame the content providers for that. Otherwise they’d be offering an online option to pay for their content a la carte — and they don’t.

      “A HD rental costs as much as a theatre ticket plus popcorn.”

      Where do you live? A theater ticket here in Southern California is $13.00 and a medium popcorn is $8.00. An HD rental on iTunes is more like $5 or $6.

        1. For me, your prices sound like it’s 1999! In Manhattan, we are paying $15 for an ordinary movie; 3D is of course more ($19.50), iMax 3D is $21… And popcorn starts at about $8; soda even higher…

          I wish the theatre ticket and popcorn really cost as little as a HD online rental.

    2. I agree with others what decade are you living in? In Salt Lake theater tickets are $11.50 for matinee and $13.00 for evening and popcorn is $7.50. HD rentals on Apple TV are $5.99 at most.

  3. My older 720p Apple TV didn’t get the YouTube update, and the existing YouTube app will no longer let me sign in. I absolutely refuse to replace my Apple TV until they give the device some kind of upgrade, so I’ve switched to our PS3 for basic streaming stuff like YouTube and Netflix. I only use the Apple TV for specialized content.


      1. Can you sign into your account and view your subscriptions? My Apple TV also works fine as long as I just want to search and watch. It won’t let me sign in, though. It flat out tells me my account won’t work with that player.

      1. Apple TV is all but useless for anywhere outside of the USA. Where is BBC iPlayer, 4OD, etc.? Their apps are available on just about every streaming set top box out there, even built into devices such as Samsung or LG TVs, yet as they aren’t US based services neither is on Apple TV.

        I also have two Roku Streaming sticks, which power off the TVs USB port in the same way a Chromecast does. Apple TV meanwhile requires a socket, which isn’t easy when the telly is mounted on a wall. The world has moved in the past two years, and Apple TV has stayed put. It shows.

  4. Same here. My JB ATV 2 and my Roku get way more use than my ATV 3. And when we cut the chord in January my ATV 3 will get less use because we won’t get any content from most of the Chanel apps because we won’t be paying for cable. How stupid is that? Never understood why I needed TV stations on my ATV that I already get and they are useless if I don’t have cable. Go figure. When I bought my ATV 3 a couple years ago I thought Apple was going to make something big out of it. Boy was I wrong. I wish they updated it like they do the iPhone and iPad. Oh well, as I have gotten used to with Apple, wait, wait, wait for an ATV update.

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