Apple Retail Stores recruiting fashion/luxury experts ahead of Apple Watch debut

“We’ve already seen how Apple is presenting the upcoming Apple Watch, which it calls its most personal device yet, as not just another technology device but also a piece of jewelry that the fashion world will be proud to embrace,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

9to5Mac has now learned from internal hiring documents that Apple is recruiting retail candidates this month with ‘a fashion or luxury background’ suggesting Apple is preparing to deliver some changes to its retail stores in time for the Apple Watch’s early 2015 debut,” Hall reports. “Angela Ahrendts already tipped her hand that the Apple Watch will be hitting retail in the ‘spring’ which may come later than what others deciphered from Apple’s ‘early 2015’ promise, but in the meantime today’s recruitment news let’s us know that Apple is preparing for a bigger change at its stores as it readies for presenting itself as a luxury retailer more so than ever before.”

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  1. Apple is going to nail this watch thing ….. Just wait and see all the different selections ….. Some will have for dick Tracey look and others for a atatement …. I’m cool …..

    Some will buy 2-3 of them, just watch, hehehe!

  2. It can mean many things for the wise who holds the keys to the destiny of the one who holds on without fear. The fire that burns inside is the one who will win.

  3. So i checked out the Samsung watch, and it did look cool because it was bent. The oled was punchy.
    But I don’t really care who comes out with what, UNLESS someone comes out with a Dick Tracy –you can see the person + they can see you– watch.

    1. Why does everyone on the Internet seem to want this? Think about it in application. Either:

      A) You are looking up at the persons weirdly lit face, double chin, and up their nose.

      B) You’re holding your arm way up at eye level for the entire conversation.

      Neither of these seem like options that I would opt for over just an audio conversation.

  4. I can’t see anyone purchasing this device as jewelry unless the electronics package is easily upgradeable (removable). We upgrade our electronics to better devices every couple of years. Most jewelry is kept around 10 years or more and often a keepsake. I don’t see the Apple Watch being in that category.

  5. I know retail folks who work for luxury brands and thes people make really good money. Often 6 figures, very often in the high 5 figures. They get a regular salary and substantial bonus at the end of the year. I wonder if Apple thinks they will get these types of people just because they love Apple or will salaries have to go through some form of adjustment.

    They are professionals. Not necessarily highly skilled, but they know how to work their clientele.

    1. Doesn’t seem to be too smart of move to me. The whole experience of the (physical) Apple Store would change to anything but the actual hardware? If there are two levels of pay scale, look for a quick turnover of present personnel. I wouldn’t think Apple would abandon the in store experience that readily.

    2. And the question looms, will the luxury sales force also be trained to sell the other Apple products? Will the lesser Apple sales people be allowed to sell the watches? Will every Apple retail employee be trying to make a sale with a high reward (for them), the watch, over the rest of Apples product line? How will the Apple retail experience change?

      I’m not and was never a Burberry customer. I know what Burberry sells and how to identify them (that plaid thing) but my reaction was always a hearty “meh”. I don’t have anyone to impress with the labels in my clothes. (I wear a lot of Carhartt t-shirts, since my iPhone fits the pocket perfectly, but I remove the label before I wear them. If Carhartt wants me to advertise for them, they’ll jolly well start sending me an endorsement check) Yet the head of Apple sales comes from a place that thinks it is important to do so. Is the Apple Store experience going to change to the point I just won’t feel like I belong there? I hope not, because it will signal the end of an era, for I am everyman.

  6. wonder if it might be later than spring… if they are only starting to recruit candidates at the end of this year, and they are planning to deliver changes to their stores.

    it all takes time to get new people up to speed and firing on all cylinders, and making the changes in all their stores – agreeing on the changes, drawing the plans, etc

    me thinking summer

    me thinking buying opportunity as everyone who floats inflated estimates of sales, and early estimates when the watch will be on sale all get disappointed, followed by copious quantities of fud about apples inability to perform, etc.

    and the price of the stock takes a nice big hit

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