Apple CEO Tim Cook nominated for TIME’s 2014 Person of the Year

TIME today posted its shortlist of people who are being considered for the publication’s annual ‘Person of the Year’ award, and Tim Cook is once again on the nomination list,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “TIME is recognizing Cook for the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and his recent decision to come out as gay.”

“Alongside Tim Cook, other nominees include the Ferguson protestors, the Ebola caregivers, Russian president Vladimir Putin, pop artist Taylor Swift, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, acting president of the Iraqi Kurdish Region Masoud Barzani, and National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell,” Clover reports. “TIME’s Person of the Year award is given to “a person, couple, group, idea, place, or machine” that has ‘for better or for worse done the most to influence the events of the year,’ with the publication’s editorial team ultimately deciding on a winner.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: First of all, TIME’s POTY is not a “winner.” TIME’s own “for better or worse” criterion spells that out clearly enough.

Secondly, the fact that Mark Zuckerberg has been named POTY, but Steve Jobs never was, tells you how far TIME’s POTY has jumped the shark.

And, lastly, when TIME pussied out and named Rudolph Giuliani POTY 2001 instead of Osama Bin Laden, the thinking world knew the designation had become meaningless (and that TIME had flushed whatever integrity they once had down the toilet) because the publication had blatantly ignored its own criteria* and instead cowered in fear to the insidious, cancerous Political Correctness Police that make the USA a lesser country every damn day that they continue to exist, threatening and suppressing American citizens’ constitutional right to freedom of speech.

*see TIME’s Man of the Year in 1938 for an example of when TIME had integrity and actually bothered to follow its own rules instead of kowtowing to the general public, attempting to sidestep a feared reaction from those who do not understand what “POTY” was actually meant to signify.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. Being nominated as a Time Person of the Year has the potential of being a member of Time Magazine’s Group of most insulted and dismissed persons of the year when once again Time’s Editorial Board of Liberal Loons’ select one of their pipe dreams of an iconic idiot or even a movement such as the Fergusson know nothings who they deem better for the honor/dishonor than anyone else on the nominee list.

      I feel once again highly honored to have been passed over for the coming very public insult of NOT being chosen Time Pamphlet’s Person of The Year

        1. I don’t see evidence Time championed the Republicans now or ever.

          Their picks are all over the political spectrum dating back to the beginning of Time. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

          That said, it does seem the picks modern day are not as credible as decades ago as exemplified by the YOU cover for starters … LAME.

            1. Yeah, I hear ya regarding a different Time … whoopsie! 😉

              NewsWEAK owned by WashPost was indeed a liberal mag in the heyday.

              Possibly the degrees varied a centigrade or two, but both published a liberal focus.

              I preferred USN&WR that published both sides, but they are long gone printing ink on glossy dead tree paper …

        2. Back in the 60s Time was a lot more objective, but hardly conservative or Republican. US News & World Reports got the nod as Conservative because they reported as does Fox News Today. . . accurately with both sides included and let the readers decide for them selves.

          Today, neither Newsweek or Time even make an attempt at unbiased reporting. . . and it is not even close to being a RINO. The editorial and journalistic staff is 95% Democrat. . . and it shows.

          Most conservative friends won’t have the thing around. They keep sending complimentary copies with medical ads to my office for the waiting room. . . and it goes immediately into the trash, where it belongs. . . as did the complimentary News”weak” copies before they went 100% digital.

          Time has been getting thinner and thinner as their editorial and journalistic content has been getting more and more liberal and advertisers are fleeing.

    1. Confess I missed MDN’s take and doled out the well wishes.

      Certainly as both have pointed out, the luster and credible bright lights of awards have been dimmed in modern times …

    1. As ever: IT’s GOOGLE who screwed up IMAP. So I’m betting that you’re having trouble with GMail. It’s a lot to ask for the world at large, including Apple, to adjust to proprietary screwing up of a standard. What Google perpetrated is incredibly Microsoft of them. Microsoft of course is infamous for throwing NON-standard code onto the Internet, meanwhile NOT adequately supporting standard code. Welcome to corporate arrogance hell.

  1. In 2005, Time said the person of the year is “You” and even had a reflective cover so you can see your own little face on the cover. Not sure how the award can be any more pussied out than this floofy reminder of how you are special (just like everyone else).

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