Apple Macintosh hits market share milestone in U.S.

“Four years ago, the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs famously predicted that the computing industry was entering a post-PC era in which handheld devices would take over tasks once reserved for desktops or laptops,” Dawn Chmielewski reports for Re/code.

“That forecast appears to be coming true — though the Mac is more than holding its own in an anemic global computer market, based on the latest numbers from researcher the International Data Corp,” Chmielewski reports. “Apple’s Macs now enjoy their highest-ever market share in the United States, according to IDC’s third-quarter report: The Mac is the third-largest PC seller in the U.S., with a 13 percent share.”

Chmielewski reports, “IDC’s Chou said Apple has managed to carve out a premium niche at a time when the U.S. PC market has seen modest growth thanks to the popularity of inexpensive computing devices like the Google Chromebook, several of which retail for less than $300.”

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  1. I’m not surprised with the bump in market share, between Vista and Windows 8, Apple needs to send Microsoft a thank you note.

    Can the Chromebook really be thought of as a computer? To me it seems more like the modern equivalent of a dumb terminal. How useful is it without an Internet connection?

    1. Microsoft was really stupid to not milk Windows 7 for longer. They would have made so many more sales if they had just stuck with that halfway decent OS for a couple more years.

      No one knowledgeable of computers is recommending purchasing computers locked to Window 8, just like they didn’t recommend buying computers locked to Window Vista. Apple meanwhile has been consistently brilliant, taking full advantage of these missteps to get swithers.

      1. full advantage? Apple seems to be spending most of its time dumbing down the Mac to become a consumer-grade iOS lookalike, while removing all the user customization of the Mac hardware. When your Yosemite Mac works on wi-fi, let us know. Personally, i think Tim is putting all emphasis on the iOS cash cow. iOS has become Apple’s Windows, and Tim seems to want everything to revolve around it. Too bad, because OS X should be so much better than it is. Productivity and fundamental operability of the Mac hasn’t been improved since 10.6. The flat lifeless GUI does not impress.

        1. Mike, do you just hate Apple because, or is there a real reason why you try to look at Apple thru hate colored glasses.
          Do you use and hate a trampoline as a terrible dinner table??

          Apple has been working hard to make mobile, desktop, phone etc all work well together. Continuity and Apple Pay are just the beginning of great stuff working well together.

          If it sucks that much to you, I hear Windows 8.1 is much improved and windows 10 is due next year. 🙂 Just saying.

          1. Well I use both and the OS X experience energises my life like a convivial feast amongst merry friends. Using Windows is a dreary obligation, dinner with crabby relatives & leading to constipation.

        2. My WiFi works great with Yosemite and my 2013 iMac. Been using Macs since 1984. Apart from around 1998-2000 the machines and the OS has gotten better and better year after year. Yosemite is by far the best OS Apple has ever put out. Stellar.

          You should try it sometime instead of reading hater articles supporting competing products. If you know what you are doing you don’t need internal expandability. I’m hooked up to a 20 TB RAID which is only about 40% full. I don’t need internal storage and the other internals all scream quietly along.

        3. @Mike, where do you see OS X being dumbed down? Aside from the users library folder being a little tricky to get to, I don’t see any dumbing down of OS X. Mavericks was a great update which improved memory management and power usage and Yosemite despite its looks is adding the Continuity feature which is very handy if you have iOS devices. iCloud drive is also another great feature which along with Mail drop allowed me to rid myself of all other cloud services.

          I’m not particularly thrilled with certain visual aspects of Yosemite or what they did to iTunes but I don’t see any of this as dumbing down the operating system. If Apple really wanted to dumb down OS X they could just eliminate terminal. Snow Leopard was a great update, but the OS has improved significantly since then.

          If you’re stuck at Snow Leopard you’re missing out on improved Power and memory management, Continuity, iCloud and iCloud drive, Mail Drop, Markup, Extensions and many other features and improvements that I can’t recall off the top of my head. Avoiding system updates once you’ve found a system you like is all well and good until you’re forced to upgrade. Then you have a lot of headaches all at once when you could have spread them out over a number of years. And I’m talking from experience. I now jump on every update as soon as it’s released.

  2. What is the point of hitting milestones? The poor sod who comes after you will have no idea how far their destination is if there are no milestones to tell them!!! 🙂

    I dare say that curving out a lucrative niche is exactly that and not hitting a poor milestone that has done nothing to harm anybody if only to remind them that they are still far away from their destination or getting close to it.
    Crabapple made this statement made whilst rubbing the sleep from his eyes. 🙂

  3. As a longtime Mac enthusiast, I’m thrilled to see this.

    This morning at our local Starbucks, three people within ten feet of me had Mac Book Airs, and the man sitting next to me was reading on his iPad mini, while I was using my iPad “3”. I remember not many years ago if I saw someone using a Mac at the same Starbucks, I’d go over and strike up a conversation with them about how great Macs were, etc.

    Go  !

    1. I’ve had the same experience at my local coffee shops. Most of the “computers” I see people using are Macs. In fact, when I fly I am seeing more people in airports and on planes using Macs rather than PCs.

      So my question is, if Macs have only a 13% market share, why are the majority of computers I see in the wild Macs?

      1. The reason is people bring laptops while on the move. My guess is most PC’s are desktop machines and you wont see too many of those in the “wild”. I did not read the full article. Did it break out laptops and desktops? Probably not.

      2. Many of laptops I see have Apple stickers on the back of them. I feel like that’s a victory in of itself. The message I read from that is, “I’m still using a PC, but I wish it was a Mac”

    1. Maybe if they were able to resell that 3 1/2 year old truck for 50% of what they bought it for (May 2011 27″ iMac sold for $1350 on eBay) after having 3-years of free maintenance and phone support they just might stick with the best.

  4. All the Dell guys at work love hearing this. I usually make a special point of emailing articles like this to them at each new milestone. You can then sometimes hear them weeping in the mens room and the janitor has to go in and tell them to man up and get back to their cube.

    It’s all in a good days work.

    1. “Apple still trails domestic-market leader Hewlett-Packard, with a 28 percent share of the PC market in the U.S., and second-place Dell, with a 24 percent share.”

      So how long before Apple passes Dell? How long before Dell gets to shut it down.

      1. Market share is a terrible measure here and only used by people who do not understand…… anything. Apple is making most of the PC profit in the world. So market share with out profit is wasted. period.

    1. The truck analogy has always irritated me, too, and I’m sorry Steve Jobs used it, since now it’s canon, to be quoted to excess just like the Henry Ford paint it black/faster horse/buggy whip analogies from 1925. Time for an update.

      As for pickup trucks, why do people need them? Most I see, even in the sticks, are empty though they were designed to haul freight. I strongly suspect a group affectation operating.

  5. While this is encouraging, I bet the statistic is even better if the markets were broken down between Consumer and Business. I heard that the Mac has over 20% of the Consumer market. It would be nice to know if that’s true…

    1. Rather hard to categorize, given how younger generations seem not to divide their play from their work quite as cleanly as the old timers do. Amazing how much personal junk i’ve seen going on in public by users that clearly have a work-issued laptop.

  6. When did this crowd start caring about market share?

    In the long run, market share does matter, as it dictates manufacturing economies of scale. It would be nice to see Apple actually try to move more Macs. Advertising and more user-friendly hardware features would be a simple step in the right direction, Timmy boy.

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