Russian politician says Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘should be banned for life’ from country after coming out as gay

“Hours after Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly addressed his sexuality for the first time, a St Petersburg politician has called for him to be banned from Russia,” Kashmira Gander reports for The Independent.

“According to a translation by Buzzfeed, anti-LGBT campaigner Vitaly Milonov, a member of the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg, drew on stereotypes of homosexuals to suggest Tim Cook could bring ‘Aids and gonorrhea’ to Russia,” Gander reports. “He told the FlashNord website: ‘what could he [Cook] bring us? The Ebola virus, Aids, gonorrhea? They all have unseemly ties over there. Ban him for life.'”

Gander reports, “Milonov is well-known for his opposition to LGBT rights, and was the architect of a local law which became the basis for an internationally condemned country-wide ban on ‘gay propaganda.'”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. That depends on your definition of morals. It wasn’t long ago that being an admitted homosexual wasn’t considered moral, and most people in the world still think that way.

      As for Tim Cook’s statement about it being a “gift from God”, I wonder why God hasn’t given us all that same gift. Could it be that the human race wouldn’t exist if that were so?

      1. The human race, like other animals, has been pretty successful despite homosexuality. The sad things is some people choose one God or another as an imaginary friend and need to get their morals from some thousand year old books written in Hewbrew, rather than think for themselves.

        1. Only the Old Testament was written in Hebrew. The New Testament was written in Greek and Aramaic.

          All the elements of this planet (air, water, dirt etc) are over thousands of years old, should we disregard them as useless too?

          1. Back then the human race explained things like water, air and dirt the best way they could at the time, by making up a multitude of different myths and legends. Nowadays we explain them through science. That’s not to say the great religions of the world didn’t form the basis of our morality, but that doesn’t mean we should live by the same values as some Israelis did over two thousand years ago, nor use their old books to explain why we exist.

    2. Im sure there are plenty on here who support him, just see below, butters exist everywhere its just in Russia they have a bit more power.

      That said the ‘gift from imaginary deity’ malarky is about as intelligent a comment as this Russians, so the God squad clearly don’t have a copyright on stupidity.

      1. “God squad” is probably about as offensive as any other terminology used in this thread. It lumps thinking, ethical people who recognize that there is more in and of the universe than we can explain scientifically, sense with our senses, and understand with our minds, with unthinking, uncritical, fearful followers of power hungry charlatans.

        I am a Christian in the very specific sense that I try to live out the words of Christ. If you put aside all of the tortured, self-serving rhetoric of the present day Pharisees who hide their own sins and condemn others based upon the technicalities of the “law”, and simply try to do what is loving and right, as Jesus commanded, you come to a very different reality than does Pat Robertson.

        People who are in a lifelong, committed, loving relationship that does not include violence, promiscuity, coercion, or deceit deserve our support and our acceptance, no matter the gender relationships involved.

  1. Ahhh Russia, you are the most homophobic nation on the planet. Their paradigm is still very 1950’s – 1960’s. I don’t think Tim would be too upset if he doesn’t get to visit in the future!

      1. Exactly, most muslim countries are at war against women, gays, christians, children, personal rights, etc. etc. This is a very much overlooked travesty in the world.

    1. Mdn deleted my comment for some unknown reason…..

      Do a search for the top 12 homophobic countries. Article by Newsweek, Russia may be “bad” but they are NOWHERE near the top.

      Russia-ban Tim Cook from entering country
      Others in the top 12.. Death for being gay.

      Huge difference.

    1. A very funny comment!!
      Of course strictly speaking the joke should be “Samsung were gay, but they weren’t very good at it, then Tim came along and showed them how.”

      1. Remember in your country you can’t even stand as a politician in what is it 4 States if you don’t profess a belief in God and in reality almost anywhere if you want to succeed so lets not throw too many stones especially as there are plenty of weird religous based comments from some politicians there and elsewhere. Thankfully few if any get to real power but still pretty malevolent in many respects and a powerful undercurrent lobby that even the most sane of politicians pay lip service too.

  2. of all the problems in the world that politicians need to deal with from running out of resources, to debt, to overpopulation, to spread of plagues like Ebola etc, this dude is worried about gays….

  3. Milonov is well-known for his opposition to LGBT rights, and was the architect of a local law which became the basis for an internationally condemned country-wide ban on ‘gay propaganda.

    It’s typical for the most vehement homophobes to be… closeted. – – Just saying!

    1. Which is both ironic and sad. Unfortunately, there are many more religious straight people who feel the same way, but just don’t need to beat their breast with their straightness.

    2. There is a rumor going around that the top leadership of Russia, are closeted gay and bisexual. It’s a control mechanism, they can’t come out, and threats of an outing keep them under control. Of course any one of them can talk smack about professed gays because it feeds the template.

      I am under the impression that Hitler also surrounded himself, his elite guard with gay men. Although gays were persecuted in German controlled territories, why is it that Hitler would do that? I think it’s for the very same reason, generate an isolated team where all the members have nowhere to go. They stick to the only person who will protect them.

      Seems logical to me.

      Democratically, having an openly gay society is a very safe thing for the people. It creates a class of advocates for equality, which is a fight that every democracy needs to make, every generation. It offers perspective. You don’t have to be gay, you just have to be reminded that there are different people who also have a voice.

  4. Davewrite I can say the same for Tim Cook. Do we really need to know his sexual preference. Doesn’t he have more important things to tend to. How about Tim just put the same effort into fixing the problems with some of Apples products as he does promoting a sexual preference. To me and many others it is sickening to keep hearing about what type of person someone prefers to lay in bed with. Rather hear him tell us what he is doing with broken Apple software or hardware than his choice of sex partner.

    1. actually I’ll rather Cook spend more time on Apple products as well.

      I wish this gay thing was a non issue but because of the bizarre attitude of some around it (sometimes outright hatred of what should be a non issue as exemplified by the Russian guy ) as CEO he has to deal with it as it is a work place issue in the realm of discrimination, diversity , minority rights.

      Apple has been asked (pressured?) by various groups to make a stand on these issues (Re: Rev Jackson on Diversity, ETC. ) and as CEO it is his job. (no I’m not necessarily a supporter of people like Jackson but I’m just pointing out the reality)

      It is his job to make public Apple’s stand on this minority rights issues including gay rights. (Besides the PR stand there is also all kinds of legal workplace anti discrimination laws Apple has to abide by) Thus when he made speeches like recently in the South not making a public statement about HIS own orientation seems cowardly (imagine an African american making a stand for African american rights and then denying his own ‘blackness’ , “no, no my grandma on my father’s side was white”.. . ). To stop people from speculating, saying he is a coward and pretending ‘being straight’ he is just doing a ‘Tim Cook’ and dealing with issue (take action, said, done, ).

      Also as a recognized public figure and leader as he said he thinks he can help some people , do we really want leaders who have no conscience ? Like he said in the one shareholder meeting : not everything is ROI. (and I am an apple investor). (Steve Jobs occasionally made public statements non directly related to apple projects as well including criticisms of teachers unions saying our children are too precious a resource, we should fire bad teachers etc. )

      If you want leaders who just care about MONEY go follow Samsung….

      I ‘m not gay myself but I actually got something out of Cook’s statements, ‘rhinoceros skin’ etc, I take strength from his courage that even if you are minority (and gays seem be a ‘despised minority’) you can make it big. This is important whether you are straight or gay , man or woman , black or white because probably you are struggling and a minority in SOMETHING (you have a stutter and you’ve been assigned to a sales team to make presentations etc. Skin of a rhino, “I can NAIL THIS ….!” ).

      So what is the russian guys excuse to spend his time beating up on gays?

    2. What about all those that feel afraid of their parents, teachers, bosses, friends… because they can’t bring home Mr. or Mrs. Right. I think that’s who Tim did this for. You can go fuck yourself and announce that that’s who you like to lay with. I won’t think any less of you.

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