Apple looks to sell iPhone in Iran

“Apple Inc. is in preliminary contact with Iranian distributors about a possible entry into the country should Western sanctions ease sufficiently, people familiar with the matter said,” Benoît Faucon reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“A move into Iran for any Western company is still fraught with obstacles. Yet Apple’s conversations come amid a flurry of similar, exploratory contacts between Western companies and Iranian executives and middlemen about how to set up shop in Iran, should a recent diplomatic thaw lead to a permanent easing of economic sanctions,” Faucon reports. “Tehran, eager to end several years of economic isolation because of its nuclear program, has been on a recent charm offensive with Western businesses, —eager to lure them back or persuade them to set up shop for the first time.”

“Apple would be allowed to export its iPhone to Iran because of a U.S. decision in May to lift sanctions that had barred the sale of consumer communications technologies in Iran,” Faucon reports. “For Apple, Iran’s 77 million people offer a particularly attractive new market. Iran’s population is relatively young, with— 42% of its people under age 25. Iran also boasts a relative large middle class.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Uh… boom?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “David E.” for the heads up.]


    1. Yes! And those once revolutionary students of the 70s are now the hated old guard of a repressive regime. How will it all play out I wonder? Apple’s messaging encryption could enable many “deviant” communications and other nefarious activities to flourish. What will the Ayatollah do?

    1. Actually, the country with the most beheadings is our good friend and strategic ally, Saudi Arabia. You know, the country where most of the 9/11 hijackers came from.

      Iran’s religious-based government is certainly no friend of the West’s, or of America’s, but every Iranian I’ve known has been nothing but friendly. If we can be allies with Vietnam and China, I see no reason why we are still blocking trade with Iran and Cuba. Makes no sense.

      1. Well said . If there is an agressive regime in the world is the USA government . Iran has not invaded anyone in more than 200 years . The USA dozens and dozens of countries killing millions .

  1. I was in Iran last week for the first time and was not that surprised to see they love Apple. There are numerous unofficial “apple stores” in every city and iPhone market share looked to be similar to in the United States. As a bigger fan of Apple than of sanctions it never occurred to me to wonder how all that Apple gear is getting in currently. Naturally I don’t need to add that everyone was nothing but friendly to me as an American and just wishes the government’s would get over their issues so they could see more tourism and a better economy… Including official Apple imports apparently.

  2. I have Iranian friends both in Iran and around the world and they are wonderful good hearted people. I am totally against Apple for possibly doing business for one reason. Her name was Reyhaneh Jabbari. and she was executed a couple of days ago. If some of you aren’t familiar with her story search her name. Tim Cook is all about human rights, diversity and equality; I hope he doesn’t go further.

    1. Hi
      Mr/ms lynnw i am from iran u say that appl shoud not get any contracte whit iran ok i want u to know that a iphone 6+ 16 gb in iran is 1000 usa dloer in or mony 3 mil 275 t tomans that is alot in iran i want to buy a 6+ 128 gb it is mor dan 1500 dolers if appl coms to my contry it is a big thing because ther is mor dan 100000 or mor dan that appl stoors they say any price they want an do any thing they want they take mony for installing apps

    2. Does that include Texas? After all, Texas seems to be on a killing spree and it doesn’t matter if DNA evidence exonerates the person – they just kill them anyways, yet Apple builds the Mac Pros in Texas. Let’s not go calling the kettle black, Pot!

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