Aaron Sorkin: Christian Bale is ‘gonna crush it’ playing Steve Jobs

“Actor Christian Bale didn’t have to audition for the role of Steve Jobs in the coming biopic of the Apple Inc. co-founder, according to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin,” Christopher Palmeri and Emily Chang report for Bloomberg. “‘We needed the best actor on the board in a certain age range and that’s Chris Bale,’ Sorkin told Bloomberg Television’s Emily Chang on a coming edition of Studio 1.0. ‘He didn’t have to audition. Well, there was a meeting.'”

“Sorkin, whose screenplay for “The Social Network” won an Academy Award, is working on an adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s 2011 biography ‘Steve Jobs’ for Sony Corp,” Palmeri and Chang report. “The film will begin shooting in the next couple of months, Sorkin said.”

Palmeri and Chang report, “‘He has more words to say in this movie than most people have in three movies combined,’ Sorkin said. ‘There isn’t a scene or a frame that he’s not in. So it’s an extremely difficult part and he is gonna crush it.'”

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    1. I was just remarking to my son yesterday how great it would be if the Apple events channel on Apple TV would offer all the past keynotes and special events. How great would that be?!

    1. Bales definitely has a character, and an explosive one.

      However, Jons was a character, too.

      Besides, the rant the video is about has roots in the same idea of perfectionism that both Bale and Jobs have strived for.

      Great fit.

      1. Sure… And I’m sure Jobs and Bales were dressed down in such a manner as Bales did! Bales was an EMPLOYEE. I don’t care what the other guy did, Bales needed to take it to the director or producer, not go on with such idiocy. Great actor or not, if I were the director, I would have fired him! You know when Bales fucks up, does he get lambasted like that by other cast or crew who would like to wrap it up and go home to their families as opposed to having to work longer so Bales gets it right or does his screw-ups show up on a ‘bloopers’ reel where everybody laughs about it?!? Perfectionist – BS, 100% Jerk – Yes! Bales may do good as Jobs, but I’ll not watch it.

        1. “Bales needed to take it to the director or producer”

          Director/producer was present and did not manage the process well enough so that the very same guy would not repeatedly intrude and disrupt whole process, so Bale has exploded about this.

          The reason for whole scandal was that director/producer was not competent enough to organize things properly (and the lacklustre result that the film turned out to be is another proof of lack qualification).

          Bale could not stand the mess any more, he wanted everything to be as good as possible.

      2. Bale definitely is a little hissy having her period cramps, nothing more. Director should’ve put him in his place and told him to STFU.
        Sooooo unprofessional. It’s called being courteous to your colleagues regardless of whether they’re technicians, other actors, directors or stand-ins. Oh and the second he went to push the guy I wish the guy would’ve broken his arm!

    2. I’m sure you’ve never gotten angry or had a bad day. That must be nice. But it happens to the rest of us. Even those who are generally considered to be “nice” people.

      And as @derss points out, this is exactly the kind of rant Jobs was renowned for. He didn’t mince words, and he had a temper. Simply put, he had no tolerance for imperfection.

    3. News Flash : Lot’s of actors are total dicks and idiots in real life. I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve got to divorce yourself from that reality when considering movies and their stars. Otherwise there are very few movies to watch.

      1. It’s not just actors. Lots of people are asses in real life. Yes, Jobs was a major ass to people, though it seems like his delivery got better as he aged.
        I think Bale is one of the best actors around. He’s not exactly the same in every role like many of them today. I’m not a great fan of Sorkin’s work, though. I’ll probably see it on Netflix down the road.

        1. Just spoke to woman last night who was able to go backstage at Paul McCartney concert in SF back in 2007. She saw a rather tired looking, emaciated man lie down on sofa, and as she looked at him, he gave her smile before closing his eyes. She turned to her husband (a CIO at large tech firm) and asked, “Is that…?” And he said, “Yes, that’s Steve Jobs.” She still remembers the smile he gave her.

    4. Is this somebody I want representing Jobs?

      Yes, in a second. His tantrum on the set is completely irrelevant here. It’s like asking if an actor about to play Jesus Christ is sufficiently Christ-like.

      Bale is the best for the part, that’s obvious, but it won’t make me see the movie. Probably won’t be an honest account of his life. Using Isaacson’s book as the source tells you a lot.

      Maybe that’s a reason Bale resisted. He won’t be playing Steve, he’ll be acting in, “Aaron Sorkin’s Life of Steve, Also Known As THE ANTI-SOCIAL NETWORK.”

      I’ll pass, you still can’t beat the existing videos with Steve Jobs himself.

  1. I could care less about a Steve Jobs movie and I work in the industry. Nothing can top my memories for the real thing. Marlon Brando or Lawrence Olivier could play him for all it matters the acting (or writing) pedigree. The original essential charisma can’t be duplicated by any actor shamelessly over-dramatizing Jobs life. With Bale all I can see is some over pumped performance – “ACTING! Thank you!” Maybe he’ll prove me wrong.

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