Tim Cook: Apple to add 25 more retail stores in China within two years

“Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook said the company is planning to open 25 retail stores in China within the next two years, according to a Chinese transcript of an interview posted by web portal Sina.com,” Matthew Miller reports for Reuters.

“Apple, which currently earns about 15 percent of its revenue in Greater China, has 15 outlets in the country,” Miller reports. “Cook is visiting China, where he has toured Foxconn Technology Co’s iPhone factory in Zhengzhou and looked at local retail operations. On Wednesday, Cook met with China’s Vice Minister Ma Kai, where the two exchanged views on “protection of users’ information” as well as “strengthening cooperation,” according to the official Xinhua News Agency.”

“On Friday, Cook will attend meetings at Beijing’s Tsinghua University as a member of the School of Economics and Management’s advisory council. He will be joined there by Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook Inc founder, and other global business leaders,” Miller reports. “The Apple chief also said the company is cooperating with Chinese firms including Baidu Inc and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Cook also said he will meet with Jack Ma, Alibaba’s chairman, on Monday.”

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  1. Twenty five more retail stores, in China, that’s pretty wild. Got to love those numbers, especially when real growth in real computers is with the pop culture and the obsession over thinner and thinner iphones and pads. Who knows one day they might even please that last hypocritical hold out who called the watch clunky after complaining about the obsession over thin devices.

    Yup, Tim has a chance to pursue that enormous demand in China for real computer with real leadership and retail stores and none of his distractor’s attempts at rationalization will change those numbers.

    The numbers that indicate that Apple is under GREAT leadership.

    Oh look at that stock, is it going up AGAIN? Investors are sure going to be happy, and so will all those Chinese consumers.

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