Apple’s big iPad reveal spoiled by fanatical group called Apple Inc.

“The masters of suspense in Cupertino took the surprise out of their big iPad introduction tomorrow,” Tim Higgins reports for Bloomberg.

“Apple Inc., known for its strict secrecy ahead of product announcements, posted images and some details about its newest iPad tablets on its iTunes website briefly today, quickly grabbing the attention of company enthusiasts on the Internet before the information was removed,” Higgins reports. “The company is holding an event tomorrow at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, where it is set to introduce a new version of its 9.7-inch (24.6-centimeter) iPad and the smaller iPad mini, a person familiar with the plan has said. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook is aiming to reinvigorate the iPad line after sales of the tablets, Apple’s second-biggest product by revenue, have declined for two straight quarters. ‘Usually there is always a Vietnamese blogger or a Taiwanese blogger who will find a blueprint of the device days before it launches, but for Apple to make a mistake’ is rare, Jean Philippe Bouchard, an analyst at IDC, said in a telephone interview.”

“The images posted indicate the next version of the 9.7-inch device will be called iPad Air 2, while the smaller model will be dubbed iPad mini 3,” Higgins reports. “Both will come with Touch ID, the fingerprint scanner introduced last year on Apple’s iPhone 5s.”

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    1. To be fair, I thought Google’s announcement, especially about their “iPad knock off”, as NFL players say, was a nil even before I have heard about the leak about iPads.

      I am not sure that Google’s choice to make the announcement at this time was great idea (for them). It was stupid, to put it bluntly.

      1. Exactly, derss. To make a major announcement in the penumbra of Apple’s ascendency is as foolish as standing a barrel in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada hoping to slake your thirst.

  1. All that was leaked was the product names (doesn’t matter) and the fact that both iPads will now have TouchID, something everybody with two working brain cells already knew. I don’t see anything spoiled here. I don’t think the product name or the TouchID sensor was going to be the highlight of the event tomorrow.

  2. Sceptical, you must be talking about Lollipop that Google just announced. Claims to be all things to all devices. Sort of like Apple has. They also announced new Nexus. Trying to upstage Apple today. So I think Sceptical may be right. Apple may have “accidentally” stolen much of the Google coverage with the leak today.

  3. Right…. because Apple event always focus only on basic hardware specs, never the software, user experience, or any intangible benefits of their products.

    This really spoiled Apple’s plan to wow the world by only showing off the iPad’s new Touch ID which had already been on iPhone for over a year and widely expected to be on the iPad sooner or later. They probably have to rewrite the entire presentation, to talk about something other than the iPad’s basic hardware.

  4. We are six weeks away from the US Thanksgiving weekend, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This week is a good time to announce the final holiday product lineup and capture mindshare before November. Smoke screen? Yes! Bring it on!

    Meanwhile, what will the Microsoft stores stock for the holiday season?

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