Apple’s iPhone 6/Plus sales likely to soar, Samsung likely to lose significant market share in China

“Katy Huberty, Morgan Stanley’s Apple analyst, published a report with an extensive analysis of the Chinese smartphone market,” Chuck Jones reports for Forbes.

“Huberty’s survey showed a huge jump in purchase intentions for Apple’s iPhones in China going from 24% a year ago to 50%. If this huge increase were to happen the key financial takeaways are an additional 7% in revenue and $0.60 in EPS in fiscal 2015,” Jones reports. “Samsung could lose significant market share since its purchase intentions dropped from 30% to 13%.”

“Apple’s new iPhones were available in China for pre-orders starting last Friday and this Friday is the first day they are available,” Jones reports. “There have been multiple indications of strong iPhone demand including reports of ten million or more reservations.”

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  1. 10 million …. 20 million? Does it really matter Huberty? How bout reporting about the difference between shipped & sold. With Apple there is demand for their iPhones. For SamShite supply is the marketshare key with little to no demand for their um (cough cough) JUNK!

    1. If you know anything about Huberty it’s that she’s not been known as a AAPL acolyte. She’s only recently come around in realizing the company’s widespread market penetration and consistent successes. Her estimate may be slight high but she’s acknowledging Apple is a force to be reckoned with. And I still like Carl Icahn’s ~$217 price estimate for AAPL 🙂

  2. Oh dear, another grim story about Samsung’s declining fortunes. I’ll hold off slitting my wrists, though—they may yet come through with more of the innovation for which they are so well known. In fingers-crossed anticipation of which, I plan to go out tonight and binge on Jinro Soju and kimchi. All I need is celebratory toast…

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