The fashion elite crowd around Apple Watch at Colette in Paris

“Apple is at Paris Fashion Week, hosting a special event for the Apple Watch at Collette [sic], a high-end boutique shop in France,” Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch.

“This is the first time Apple has revealed its device in person to the public, after a press preview held in September for the wearable,” Etherington reports. “Apple still isn’t letting anyone get their hands on fully functional prototypes, but the display of the anticipated gadget is drawing lots of crowds nonetheless.”

“Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted about the special event this morning, showing a picture taken from above of throngs of people around a glass-topped case containing the Apple Watch models within,” Etherington reports. “Making wearables into fashion accessories has been a strategy of device makers trying to grow the category for a while now, but none of those companies had the operating budget, Hollywood influence or Marc Newson that Apple has in its corner.”

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  1. If you want a laugh head out to some of the “high-end” watch blogs and read the article. “Oh, it looks like shit”. “Oh, Moto 360 is the best watch out there – watches can only be round”. “Oh, only Apple Fanboys will buy it”. Blah, blah, blah.

    1. Do they use the same old record? I say record because thats how long that particular delusion has been peddled. As an observation I would say that round watches are hardly in an overwhelming majority even now and will be even less so very soon.

  2. As I predicted months ago noticing the string of hirings of several fashion execs, Apple has officially come out as a FASHION company … oooohhh, la, la … in GRAND Parisian style! :^)

    Next up: a boutique section in Apple stores complete with dressing rooms for iWearables. iHandbags, iJewelry and many more iAccesories, complementing the latest Apple watch. Development now in the Apple fashionista product pipeline.

    An old saying goes something like the best thing about fashion, eventually it goes out of style. Classics like iOS6 S-Design, never do.

    Here is my dream wish for a grand coming out of Apple’s watch in America. A macho sized, bulletproof material, camouflage, waterproof Apple watch that plays instructional videos on organic techniques how to safely gut a deer out in the field. And a heat sensor to gauge the optimum grilling time for medium rare.

    Many fine western towns near Rocky Mountain passes with historic general stores that could easily support a glass gun case debut.

    My friends and I would order them like a box load of ammunition — OohRah!

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