With Apple Watch looming, Pebble slashes price of smartwatch to $99

“Pebble announced Tuesday it is cutting the price of its smartwatch from $150 to $99, while the fancier Pebble Steel will dip to $199,” Brett Molina reports for USA Today. “”

“‘It doesn’t revolutionize your life,” says Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky of his company’s smartwatch. “It’s meant to be something that you can slap on your wrist and make things better one little bit at a time,” Molina reports. “A lot has changed in the smartwatch market this year. Apple… revealed the Apple Watch during an event earlier this month. The device starts at $349, and will launch next year.”

“Migicovsky says it’s ‘wonderful’ to see several new entrants in the smartwatch market, but says they’re not aiming to compete with Apple Watch,” Molina reports. “‘We set out to make an affordable and accessible product,’ he says. ‘Apple has definitely taken a lot of what makes Pebble great, but they’ve created much more of a luxury product.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now there’s a slogan: “Pebble. It doesn’t revolutionize your life.™”

How worried is Pebble? Very. Here’s a screenshot of Pebble’s website’s home page:

Pebble.com's home page
Pebble.com’s home page

So, the fire sale starts now! Hey boys, let’s move as many of these pieces of junk as possible before the inevitable happens!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]

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  1. I have had my Pebble watch for about 3 months and short of my iPhone it has been some of the best tech I have owned.

    I had also purchased and used the Basis band for over a year, and like that too, but the Pebble offers a lot of functionality at a realistic price.

    They are also constantly updating and improving the watches features too, yesterday adding backgrounding which the device did not have before. (Now it will allow for constant activity tracking)

    Anyway, say what you want about it, I purchased it primarily for running, through iSmoothRun the iOS App, it displays all my current running stats, heart rate, distance and so on in an easy to read format. It’s fantastic it really is.

    Other stuff I use it for is weather, updating every 15 minutes, tides, and a plethora of other things.

    I am sure I will be buying the Apple watch too, but I do love what they have done with this and the fact that it was crowd funded. It’s a great value at $149, it’s even better at $99.

    1. In my book, not that anyone cares, you are by far a better marketeer than the Pebble boys! You are pointing out the GOOD things about the product whilst the Pebble boys are just comparing dick sizes. I like it when products are promoted on their merits, not on other’s “flaws”.

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