Nine mobile iHealth Lab personal health devices now integrated with Apple’s HealthKit

Today, iHealth Lab, Inc. announced that three of their mobile health apps (My Vitals, My Vitals 2.0 and SpO2) and nine corresponding personal mobile health devices are now seamlessly integrated with HealthKit in iOS 8. The fourth app, Gluco-Smart, will be available later this week. With user permission, customers have the power to automatically share readings from their iHealth devices with the new Health app giving them a central dashboard to review their most important health data, and make that data available to others including doctors and health providers.

Apple’s Health app can now incorporate fifteen of iHealth’s key vitals data, including: blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, steps, distance, active calories, sleep analysis, weight, BMI, body fat, lean body mass and oxygen saturation. iPhone and iPod touch users running iOS 8 now have access to the broadest set of health data through iHealth devices. All user information within the Health app is permissioned and stored securely on their iPhone or iPod Touch, ensuring that users maintain control over what information is shared and with whom.

“The new Health app is an important step in helping to create a more efficient and consumer-friendly health care system,” said Jim Taschetta, CMO iHealth Lab, Inc., in a statement. “Our users now have a simple and convenient way for the measurements they take using iHealth products to be integrated into a more comprehensive view of their health picture.”

Through its work with electronic health records (EHRs) companies, Epic Systems and UK-based EMIS Group, and healthcare organizations like Duke Medicine, iHealth will be among the first Apple partners to demonstrate a true end-to-end connection for sharing digital health data from device to health care provider. iHealth users will be able to permission their iHealth readings to be shared with their Health app, and then directly delivered to their personal digital health records. With users’ permission, doctors and caregivers will be able to add data collected by consumers using iHealth devices as part of the broader patient health record (PHR).

The EMIS Group PHR is a UK first, empowering citizens to manage their own health in partnership with the clinicians caring for them. With patient permission during consultations, healthcare professionals using EMIS Web will be able to view patient-collected data alongside medical data, to enable better healthcare.

Chris Spencer, chief executive at EMIS Group, said in a statement: “We are really excited by this groundbreaking work that innovates with the best of EMIS Group and Apple technology. We are grateful to iHealth for their collaboration and support in making it happen. The outcome for EMIS Group users will be more informed consultations, better clinical decisions and improved outcomes for millions of patients.”

All iHealth apps (My Vitals, Gluco Smart and SpO2), and all iHealth products are enabled to work with Health app, including:

• Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors (BP 3, BP 5, BP 7)
• Wireless Blood Glucose Meter (BG5)
• Align Blood Glucose Monitor (BG1)
• Pulse Oximeter (PO3)
• Activity & Sleep Tracker (AM3)
• Wireless Scale (HS3)
• Wireless Body Analysis Scale (HS5)

More info here.

Source: iHealth Lab, Inc.

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    1. The data is maintained within the device to appease security concerns. I believe it will be enhanced to allow multiple devices used by the same user to share HealthKit related data.

      Apple has longer term plans but it tends to open up slowly. It is a pain to watch it unfold but if you trust Apple then it will be a great ride.

  1. Blah. The first step for most of these apps is “please create an account on our website, so we can upload all your health data to our servers, for which we have hired a hamster to protect.”

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