How Apple’s iPhone 6 and iOS 8 will revolutionize sports, fitness, and health

“If you’re into sports and fitness, you probably like the idea of your own personal trainer,” Maury Brown writes for Forbes. “That someone that will keep you focused, drive your performance higher, and keep you on track.”

“Fitness, and sports are a massive business that continues to grow. Estimates show that the global fitness industry accounts for a staggering $49 billion. So, it’s no wonder that the technology sector has jumped in with both feet,” Brown writes. “Analytics firm Flurry says health and fitness apps are exploding on Apple’s App Store. The company tracks more than 6,800 apps in the health and fitness category, and claims that usage – measured by the number of times people open and use the apps – has grown by 62% this year, compared to 33% for apps in general.

Brown writes, “Apple has clearly been watching, which is why iOS 8 and the release of the iPhone 6 could revolutionize how we do sports, fitness, and health.”

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  1. Yeah. Can’t wait until my freakin’ phone starts nagging me about how slow I’m walking.

    6800 apps is 0.57% of the apps in the store. If half of them are the pay type, at $0.99 an app, that’s about $3400 gross. Apple gets 30% or about $1000 bucks. If that grows at 100% per year for 10 years, it’ll be $1,000,000, which wouldn’t even be a pixel width line on Apple’s income pie chart. They are in this for the medical industry side interface. Mostly for social good and good will. Unless they start selling medical devices.

  2. Excuse me, but I’m sure most people that successfully workout and maintain their health and fitness, don’t need a phone or personal trainer to keep them on track. Only weaker, unmotivated and people that start something, but lack the discipline to keep at it need personal trainers. A phone won’t help. No way.

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