HealthKit integration in iOS 8 will pull in billions of dollars for Apple

“Speculating as to what Apple has coming down the pipeline is a popular pastime for many pundits and analysts. Over the past few years we’ve had pontificating over an Apple-branded TV, and then came the proselytization as to how an iWatch could add countless billions to Apple’s already bountiful bank balance,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “But it seems Apple has, in its wisdom I believe, decided to ignore this advice and go after a far more lucrative market – health.”

“What many don’t realize is that Apple is already in the health market segment. The iPhone and iPad is already the hub for a vast array of medical and fitness-related products, ranging from pedometers to blood pressure monitors,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “iOS is the most prolific mobile platform when it comes to a third-party hardware ecosystem. There are accessories available for the iPhone and iPad that only a few years ago I wouldn’t have thought possible. This comes down to Apple creating a stable, unified platform that developers can build upon. It also helps that Apple has sold around half a billion iPhones and over 200 million iPads, creating a vast potential market for third-party accessories.”

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “While there’s no doubt that a TV or watch from Apple would be interesting and disruptive – and I’m in no way ruling out such devices in the future – the health related additions to iOS will be far more beneficial to Apple in the short to medium term because it builds on an existing ecosystem rather than trying to foster a new one.”

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