HealthKit: Inside Apple’s next game-changing revolution

“Apple’s iPhone 6 is primed to be a financial game-changer for the world’s largest publicly traded company, and Apple’s next-gen iPad will hopefully provide the company’s slumping tablet business with a much needed boost as well,” Andrew Tonner writes for The Motley Fool. “However, with a lot of the hubbub dedicated to the refresh of Apple’s current product portfolio, another key upcoming innovation from Apple seems to be getting lost in the shuffle — the Health app and the HealthKit developer API. This is unfortunate since HealthKit could ultimately have the greatest impact of all Apple’s new launched products this fall.”

“Apple appears to be putting the full weight of its corporate clout behind its HealthKit initiative,” Tonner writes. “Two of the key problems any company hoping to revolutionize the health care industry en masse will need to overcome are market fragmentation and privacy concerns. HealthKit, like the App Store before it, is intended to serve as the key glue that ends health care data fragmentation. The product itself is the solution in this case, a space that’s proven extremely lucrative for Apple in the past.”

“If Apple can create unique, value-adding hardware around HealthKit, it stands to make a pretty penny. I’m of the belief that Apple will indeed produce an iWatch at some point in the coming months, but that’s for another article,” Tonner writes. “The second advantage a successful mass adoption of HealthKit would produce for Apple would be a further solidification of its already incredibly sticky ecosystem.”

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