‘4: John Paul George Ringo’ EP available now for free from Apple’s iTunes Store

Interested iTunes users can download “4”, a free digital EP from Apple’s iTunes Store and experience a taste of the individual brilliance of John, Paul, George and Ringo. They each followed a unique and distinctive solo musical path creating a wealth of extraordinary music.

“4” includes John Lennon’s gorgeous piano ballad “Love” (from 1970’s John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band), the collection includes Paul McCartney’s simmering “Call Me Back Again” (a highlight from Wings’ 1975 Venus and Mars), George Harrison’s explosive “Let It Down” (off 1970’s All Things Must Pass), and Ringo Starr’s lush “Walk With You” (from 2010’s Y Not).

Download “4” via Apple’s iTunes Store here.


  1. Actually, I found the George Harrison song to be outstanding. This is a selection of songs from each musician’s lesser known body of work, and exposing listeners to music they are not familiar with, but may like, is always a Good Thing..

    1. Apple didn’t push the album over cellular like they did with U2. (and when you deleted it… apple sent it again…)

      Again, not everyone did… some did, most didn’t. MANY overreacted.

      How Apple did this album, is correct. Make it free and notify people to make the choice to download it.

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