Let’s bend more phones, shall we? iPhone 6 vs. HTC One M8, Moto X, others

“Before the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus, the idea of people being concerned about how ‘bendy’ their phone is would’ve seemed laughable,” Greg Kumparak reports for TechCrunch. “A week later, I’m hearing random people in my just-outside-of-the-echo-chamber coffee spot talk about it like they’d talk about the weather. Strange.”

“Yesterday afternoon, following complaints of new iPhones coming out of their owners’ pockets bent, YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger posted a video of himself managing to bend the iPhone 6 Plus without much effort,” Kumparak reports. “Today, he’s back with more phones. Does the iPhone 6 bend the way the 6 Plus does? What about other aluminum-backed phones, like the HTC One M8?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Clean up in aisle FUD! A bigger non-issue is difficult to imagine. Don’t sit down in such a way as to bend your smartphone. Or, for those who can’t manage to remember that, buy a heavy duty protective case and treat it like a gorilla treats luggage. There. Done.

(Lewis, you should wear some protective gloves while bend-testing devices.)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. none issue… seems all other plastic phones bend far easier.
      The only thing about aluminum is dropping it. It dents and scares the surface just as much as plastic does, but plastic that is high impact has a better bounce factor then soft metals like aluminum do. that matters to me – but solved with a case.

            1. The U.S. President is using what his IT department set up for him. They gave him a modified Blackberry because that was what he was used to using back in 2007/2008. They could just as easily told him that he had to use a Guardian SME PED (effectively a Blackberry style phone on massive security steroids).

              If U.S. Government IT departments wanted to switch executives (e.g., POTUS and others) to iPhones, they’d have to get Apple to allow them to fork iOS to allow the security levels necessary. To date Apple has been reluctant to do this.

            2. I already knew the tech security reason WHY he carries a Blackberry, I was just commenting on that we couldn’t do an iPhone idiot test using him because he doesn’t have one.

  1. this bend test I don’t trust.
    put it into a actual test frame where you can monitor the pressure accurately.

    when he does the HTC , the moment the screen pops out he stops. He doesn’t continue pressure until failure like he did with the 6 plus …

      1. what is the point of your post?

        I was just pointing out the flaws in his test.

        there is only one disagreement with what I’ve said which is “I disagree. I think his test was scientific and a real test rig wouldn’t make any difference in accuracy ”

        so is THAT your contention? otherwise you are just trolling with nothing of substance to add.

          1. why do you guys troll here?

            Android users trolling at a Apple Fan Site are like Yugo drivers trolling at a Lamborghini Fan Site (FlashFact: Yugo drivers we don’t really care about your opinions).

            And just like a Lamborghini driver would never bother visiting a Yugo car site I never bother to troll an Android site. It’s beneath me, waste of my time because I have no respect for your tech.

            No respect because I know that Apple makes 60% of all cell phone profits in the world so all Android are cheap trash (Yugos) . If they weren’t cheap trash they would be more profitable. Even Apple’s so called ‘flop’ iP 5C outsold the S4 and S5 for months.

            But obviously you guys are obsessed with Apple as you’re here rather than doing something else, like the lonely dweeb glaring lustily at the studs with the hot girls trying to make jokes and comments to disguise the fact he doesn’t have a hot girl himself. Go back to your tattered porn dude and leave us with our hot girls, go drive your YUgo and let me play with my Lamborghini.

    1. Well.

      I always bought a Mophie case for my phones for 3 reasons:
      – more battery (main reason honestly)
      – microUSB charging
      – hate the flat back on those iPhones 4 and later, love the curved iPhone 3 back: feels better in the hand, looks nicer on the ass (or the leg front)

      So there.

  2. You need to look closely at the bending by hand original video. Pay close attention, maybe even stop it or slow mo it. I believe is a hoax.
    To me it looks like the phone on the last frames just before the bend was already a bit bent. Unlike the other earlier part of the video. To me it makes me think that the phone was mechanically weaken before the final test.
    Why? Because Apple is an easy target for disgruntled people. Where are the videos of regular owners bending their phones? Did you see how much pressure was applied to the phone?
    I will wait for a control test of many phones to pass judgement. In the mean time my eyes tell me that a hoax might be in the works.

    1. I’ve been watching UnboxTherapy for years and years. Hes already one of the most popular tech YouTube guys. I dont think hes hurting for subscribers enough for that. Sounds like a conspiracy theory

  3. It would be hard to believe that the iPhone was the only bendable smartphone in existence but I don’t ever remember there being any internet outbreak regarding smartphones that got bent in someone’s pocket. Apple attracts media negativity like a lightning rod. I’m sure it will quickly blow over once people get it out of their system. All the late show hosts will get their moment of fame with bent iPhone jokes.

    I hope there is some agency out there who will test a whole bunch of smartphones to see if the iPhone is any more prone to being bent than any other smartphone on the market. Although it probably won’t change much maybe Apple will be vindicated if most modern flagship smartphones can be bent with the same force.

    It’s hard to believe why people would actually try to bend their smartphones with their fingers. I’m sure no company ever purposely designed a smartphone to pass that test.

  4. People keep talking about how the phone bent after applying “just a little” pressure. Do your thumbs & fingers turn red when applying “just a little” pressure? Do your hands & arms shake when applying “just a little” pressure?
    To me it seems like “CONSIDERABLE” pressure is being applied! Where is the scientific testing?

  5. He’s back with more phone bending and narcissism.
    Mostly it’s the narcissism, and the phone bending is the
    enabler, as them shrinks like to say.

    “I look great, with my not-fat Kevin Smith thing.”

    Kevin Smith saw these, and wants to come on board
    for the next segment: “How well does the iPhone 6
    hold up if Kevin Smith steps/stands on it?”

    And the follow up, Kevin Smith steps/stands on
    the other phones.

  6. Every frickin’ time Apple releases a new iPhone, there’s some kind of hyped-up “scandal” about the device. Every time. Remember “antenna-gate”? Same damn thing.


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