Rush Limbaugh: How did Apple miss the iOS 8.0.1 bugs?

Among other things during his radio program, Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh today discussed Apple’s iOS 8.0.1 release

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From the live on-air transcript:

If you happen to be lucky enough to be one of the 10 million people that got an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Apple today released a software update 8.0.1 that’s designed to address some bugs in the 8.0. Do not update to it yet. It’s okay if you have an iPhone 5S or 5 or 5C or 4, but if you have a new 6 or 6 Plus, don’t do it. What happens is it disables your cell connection, and it also causes some problems with the fingerprint ID.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple subsequently pulled the iOS 8.0.1 update.

Now, I have a question about this, a serious tech question. 8.0.1 has been in testing for I’m told a week, and the people who have been testing it are carrier partners. That’s how it’s referred to. Well, a carrier partner is a cellular company: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile. How in the world can this thing be tested for a week and not spotted that it disconnects and disables the phone’s cellular connection? I do not understand how that happens. Now, I understand bugs in software. I frankly think software writers do some of the most talented work there is going on in the world today. It is so intricate, you can’t imagine it.

Rush Limbaugh - iOS 8.0.1

But this cell phone, how in the world do all of these people testing this update at all these cell networks not spot that the update disables the cell connection? Normally they let developers test these updates for a week or a month or whatever before they release them, and these kind of bugs are found. That’s why they’re called betas. This one mystifies me. But I mean there are a lot of people out there who have updated today who’ve lost their cell ability in the phones. And I just do not understand how in the world testing for a week with cellular network companies does not reveal this.

I mean, that’s their business. There must have been something that had to happen after it was signed off on. Maybe something in the download process corrupts a portion of the code. I don’t know enough to know. But just be advised, if you have a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in your software update today there’s 8.0.1 and don’t do it yet. They’ll fix it. They’ll fix it real fast. It’s gonna be a simple fix. It just amazes me that it’s not spotted in a week of testing by the cellular networks themselves?

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: How did Apple miss the iOS 8.0.1 bugs? Good question. Hopefully Apple is figuring or already has figured out exactly what happened and is remedying the situation so that it will not happen again.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brian Thornton” for the heads up.]

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    1. Very true. However, Apple is not at fault here.

      Limbaugh wonders how this could get past the telecoms. It did not escape their notice. It was allowed to pass. Why?

      People must understand that Apple is now releasing software and hardware that will in the future make it extremely difficult for governments, large and small, to track and spy on people with an ease to which they are accustomed. This is not going over well within certain agencies of these governments. These agencies often have sympathetic people/groups within the corporations that control the telecom infrastructure worldwide, as there are longstanding relationships at work there.

      In other words, these bugs are not coming from Apple’s incompetence, but from surveillance state expertise being arrayed against them, and this effort is being helped by the telecoms. The goal for this effort is to slow adoption of Apple’s new products & services – possibly even keeping the adoption numbers below a certain threshold these agencies and organizations feel they can live with. Android based products are much easier – especially now – to ‘tap & hack’. For older versions of iOS (and older iPhones/iPods/iPads as well), the story is much the same. Thus, the more people they can keep using Android and older Apple equipment & services, the better.

      No tin foil. It’s really just that simple.

      1. Same software, but different cell connection is probably the answer. They probably have some kind of layer running on all of our connections that allows government tap, which does not need to run on the cell companies. It was assumed to not be able to cause a problem but actually interacted in some unpredictable way. Since the release worked fine on all of theirs, it was released. The great thing about Apple is they will fix this VERY quickly. Microsoft would wait for iOS 9.2 to fix it and when they did, it was cause 4 more bugs in the process, not to mention virus loopholes. I upgraded to Apple because I got sick and tired with buggy code and viruses from MS. At least Apple will fix it.

    2. Mr. Poison Antidote Stone, why would you expect “this kind of problem” to “repeatedly occur” for Apple?

      While I agree that repeated software issues would negatively affect Apple’s reputation, you could say the same about virtually every tech company in existence. Apple has historically been quite reliable in terms of software upgrades, with generally minor issues that are quickly resolved.

  1. I suspected a conspiracy to discredit Apple (since conventional FUD didn’t work very well) started earlier this year, with bribe money diverted away from conventional channels like troll bounties and journalist inducements and into the grubby hands of hackers and into the pockets of saboteurs newly planted in Apple’s expanding work force.

    Rush Limbaugh merely finds it curious. I find it a curiously shaped puzzle piece.

    1. When you’re number 1, they’re gonna come for you. They’re going to plot against you. They’re going to use dirty tricks to try an bring you down.

      And when you actually do screw something up, they’re going to frenzy.

      So best to be ready. Best to make sure you don’t screw up. Don’t stand around looking silly when people ask, “Did it ever occur to you to stress test some of the shipping phones?” or “Did you not test this software release on at least 100 phones?”

      I stand ready to take charge of the AIEIC (Apple Internal Enhanced Interrogation Center.) Let me “talk” with the developers Mr. Cook. I’ll need lots of plastic covering the floor.

        1. How can Apple get screwed by releasing its own software update? Only if Apple trusted other, outside parties to test and alter its code and then never tested the changes itself.

          Doesn’t matter, Apple screwed up. It happens, but at least they caught it quickly. The sad thing is that this should never have happened in the first place. But I guess we should be grateful that Apple actually releases software updates (well, except for iOS 8.0.1), unlike Samsung and the Android boys.

          And yes, it’s Apple’s fault. Only Apple released the software.

          1. Sure and they earned themselves a drubbing, right enough. Though in keeping with my conspiracy theory, and polishing up the baseball metaphors now that the playoffs are looming, I couldn’t resist suggesting they were set up. Doesn’t matter, there are still games yet to be played.

  2. I like Tim Cook, I think he’s the best of the Tech CEO’s by a wide margin

    but he should get a better grip on Quality Control.

    iCloud (Find My iPhone bug) , iOS 8, iPhone Plus bend, U2 download misjudgement etc in two weeks is too much

    Of course I know that a lot of negative press is FUD spread by apple haters and rivals and I know that I know that Find My iPhone bug didn’t cause the celeb breach and other phones bend as well…

    but from Apple We expect more, we expect Steve Jobs ‘do it again’ standards, we expect close to PERFECT

    C’mon Tim time to crack the whip…

    1. as i’m encountering anti apple trolls elsewhere on MDN let me clear about quality control at Apple.

      Apple is kicking Samsung etc ass. (Quality issues with Samsung etc phones are too numerous to list here, we’ll run out of space… )

      but we apple fans hold Apple to a HIGHER standard than Samsung, we don’t expect just an ‘ass kicking’ from Apple to its rivals, we want Apple to kick their ass, shoot them dead, burn their remains and pee on their graves…

      opps.. should post after playing computer games but I think people get the point.

      1. That’s all you have, the troll label? I suggest you use another tactic to cover for Apple’s screw ups, which apparently are far too serious and too numerous for you to comprehend. The average user trusted Apple, and now millions have bricked phones due to software or damaged hardware due to poor hardware engineering. iOS8 crashes are even worse than iOS7.0, which was already unacceptable to me when it rendered my 4S unusable — with no means of going back to iOS6. Apple quality is not what it was and it doesn’t listen to its customers. Wake up.

        1. They’re not bricked phones. In electronics, bricked means an absolutely unresponsive device. The device does absolutely nothing at all no matter what you do, and the only way to fix it is to tear apart the device and use a NAND chip flasher to re install the OS manually.

          If the device still powers on at all, it’s not bricked.

        2. like I posted to the other (but perhaps same) troll earlier:

          “why do you guys troll here?

          Android users trolling at a Apple Fan Site are like Yugo drivers trolling at a Lamborghini Fan Site

          It’s like a Yugo driver saying “Ha, I heards the stick shuft on yer Lomborkini sticks a bits, and my Yugo haz mores plastik cup holders”
          Dear Lord Yugo guy, we don’t really care about your opinions.

          And just like a Lamborghini driver would never bother visiting a Yugo car site I never bother to troll an Android site. I never visit ‘’ or whatever. It’s beneath me, waste of my time because I have no respect for your tech.

          No respect because I know that Apple makes 60% of all cell phone profits in the world so all Android are cheap trash (Yugos) . If they weren’t cheap trash they would be more profitable. Even Apple’s so called ‘flop’ iP 5C outsold the S4 and S5 for months.

          But obviously you guys are obsessed with Apple as you’re here rather than doing something else, l like the lonely dweeb glaring lustily at the studs with the hot girls trying to make jokes and comments to disguise the fact he doesn’t have a hot girl himself. Go back to your tattered porn dude and leave us with our hot girls, go drive your YUgo and let me play with my Lamborghini”

    2. Couldn’t agree more. Fix these issues NOW before it goes too far. Postpone the next OS X release and make sure it’s right, but for now throw those engineers on iOS and stabilize it immediately. What is it they say about one bad apple?

  3. Note: The carriers may have tested the software upgrade on the only iPhones that were available. The 5s, 5, … It was the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that had the issue. Apple had those. Maybe not the carriers.

    Apple dropped the ball with this. Pick it up, fix the Health kit feature and get back in the game.

  4. Please don’t quote, refer to, or mention Rush Limbaugh. His comments about women and minorities should rule him out as your go-to guy. But time and time again, your website trots him out as if his adoration of Mac products (and I suspect your admiration for him) makes him qualified to comment on tech matters.

    1. Only yesterday on the air, the man defended me and all women against the calumny and violence embedded in the NFL and culture in general. That was a principled stand. His distinction between feminism and what he calls feminazism is worth examining.

    2. “your website trots him out as if his adoration of Mac products (and I suspect your admiration for him) makes him qualified to comment on tech matters.”

      Kind of like how the media and a certain political party give credence to all the Hollywood types like Matt Damon on the environment because he starred in a movie about fracking, huh?

  5. Pretty thin and maybe far fetched……How about corporate espionage type stuff! Just seems odd all these negative stories and then this happens which just seems very odd! Did Samsung or Google pay off an Apple engineer to slip something in the code for the latest iPhones? Seems funny its only the latest phones that had the issue!

  6. Is it possible we don’t live in a perfect world? Even if all you have is a 1 and a 0, they might be placed in the wrong order. Stuff happens…to everyone. Everybody, get back to work!

    1. Software development is a very mature process. There’s well-accepted workflows and standards in place, and many checks and sign-offs along the way.

      These recent problems stink of arrogance and lack of due diligence. Just reading the emails from Apple staff regarding the iCloud login weaknesses gives that same impression. They just didn’t take it seriously. Had they given it the attention that it deserved, these problems could’ve been avoided.

      Yes, it’s not a perfect world, but these recent problems were completely avoidable.

  7. Have got to agree with Rush, Apple is doing too many things too fast that they are missing out on quality control of their products. Apple’s real competion is not Samsung but “Apple of yesterday” and they are failing miserably. They just cant match the Apple of yesterday.. Geez wake up!!!

    1. Samsung is doing many things and so is Google and they don’t seem to be having issues or we aren’t hearing about them. They are both doing alot more different projects than Apple. There is no excuse for these things happening if true, CNN had a story up on the bending and they couldn’t bend the iPhone 6. So how much of this is FUD? And then to top things off today with these bugs in 8.0.1 just doesn’t make any sense!

      1. Didn’t Google just last week have a huge security hole in their browser… that they either haven’t fixed yet, or it was known about for a very long time?

        A lot of the Apple bashing is just FUD. (Very similar to the hatred towards Rush BTW..)

        For all we know, Apple knew of the issue with 8.0.1 and was NOT intending to release it yet.. and some intern mis read the memo and released it.

        Yeah it was bad that it happened, but we can downgrade to 8.0 still.. Pain in the ass… but it’s not the end of the world.

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