Let’s bend more phones, shall we? iPhone 6 vs. HTC One M8, Moto X, others

“Before the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus, the idea of people being concerned about how ‘bendy’ their phone is would’ve seemed laughable,” Greg Kumparak reports for TechCrunch. “A week later, I’m hearing random people in my just-outside-of-the-echo-chamber coffee spot talk about it like they’d talk about the weather. Strange.”

“Yesterday afternoon, following complaints of new iPhones coming out of their owners’ pockets bent, YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger posted a video of himself managing to bend the iPhone 6 Plus without much effort,” Kumparak reports. “Today, he’s back with more phones. Does the iPhone 6 bend the way the 6 Plus does? What about other aluminum-backed phones, like the HTC One M8?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Clean up in aisle FUD! A bigger non-issue is difficult to imagine. Don’t sit down in such a way as to bend your smartphone. Or, for those who can’t manage to remember that, buy a heavy duty protective case and treat it like a gorilla treats luggage. There. Done.

(Lewis, you should wear some protective gloves while bend-testing devices.)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I also don’t trust this guy. A Youtuber is usually a game who’re who’s in it either for the money (payola?) or the views (which translates to $). He seemed to be too pleased with himself when he mentioned “Bendgate fiasco which is growing…” and the ensuing media coverage (of which he was the beneficiary). His test isn’t scientific as he can be applying variable amounts of force to suit his own personal agenda. He doesn’t fool me.

  2. I don’t know guys….I know you think it’s not an issue, but i think its kind of a problem. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 3. It’s stupid that he didn’t test any samsung phones that reach up to 5.5. oh well. One reason i bought the six and not the plus is because I would want to fit it in my pockets, and when i tried…it barely fit. But, the concept is that i want to put it in my pocket, so to call people dumb for having the phone bend in their pocket is a bit ridiculous. Yeah, you could get a cover, which i always do…but some peeps hate the covers and for good reason, covers usually make the phone less enjoyable to play with. Apple could have put a little more effort into making it more durable, thats all i am sayin.

    1. It is durable enough!
      The problem with this whole fiasco is that it is making an issue out of a none issue!
      And it is done by the competition as an act of desperation for survival.
      Samsung had a lot to loose and this is their lowlife way to compete…Spread disinformation.
      There is zero doubt in my mind that this idiot who published the video is on samsungs bribe list !

      1. Well said muddy gun. Getting a case will help with this issue.

        Yojimbo007. You’re the idiot! This is an issue. It’s already all over the news and on popular sites. You and the other morons can keep burying you heads up your asses. “La! La! La! It’s FUD. It’s not an issue. It’s not an issue.” Apple has to do damage control.

        Durable enough? Way to set the bar sky high. Apple should have better reenforced the casing. Shame on Apple. No doubt Apple will learn from their mistakes and make the iPhone 7 Plus more durable. Doesn’t make the iPhone 6 any more durable though.

        1. You and your comrades are truly trying to make this an issue…..i understand that… But in reality it is a none issue…..
          The phone is durable enough for sane individual !
          But i assure u it wont survive a blow from a big hammer either !
          Now go get your pay !

  3. It must be nice to be able to buy and break any smartphone you like!

    IPhone phablet not so phabulous? It crossed over an engineering line phor those who think a phablet was ever meant to phit in a pocket. Oh well. I never understood the point oph phablets in any case, or out oph a case as the case may be. No doubt there will be some re-engineering in this phablet’s phuture.

  4. I just tested my iPhone 6 on my desk for non-bentness and then to my horror, watched it wobble from corner to corner. Nooooo!!!!!!

    Then I realised it was just the protruding camera lens. Phew!!!

  5. Every youtube and non-youtube bloggers are thinking Chi-Ching!!! This story is click heaven for them. I agree with many commenters, this is a non-scientific test. In the video he used different pressure points, stopped the pressure as soon as he heard a crack, and ultimately didn’t try the Samsung line (Note and S5). One top commenter summed it up over at the comment sections at Tech Crunch.

    “Phillip Blackerby · Top Commenter · Principal at Blackerby Associates, Inc.
    Not exactly a fair test. The implication was that general pressure, such as in a pocket of tight jeans, would bend the phone, but he didn’t apply general pressure. All the pressure was on the edge, not on the middle part of the phone. And he focused the pressure on the button cutouts, not in the middle of the phone. Anyone can take any industrial product and damage it by focusing energy on the obvious weakest points. Let’s see some real science applied! And no, I’m not at all an Apple fanboy, I use a Moto Razr Android phone and a Samsung PC!”


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