Beleaguered BlackBerry CEO: ‘I would challenge you guys to bend our Passport’

“Even BlackBerry Ltd. couldn’t resist taking a jab at the bendability of world’s most popular phone,” Toronto Star reports.

“BlackBerry, introducing its new Passport device for business customers today, saw an opening emerge from user complaints that the newest iPhones get bent and warped in people’s pockets,” Toronto Star reports. “‘I would challenge you guys to bend our Passport,’ John Chen, Blackberry’s chief executive officer, said at the unveiling of the Passport smartphone Wednesday in Toronto.”

Toronto Star reports, “The reports of bending iPhones follow record demand for the devices, with over 10 million sold in their debut last weekend.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The reports are FUD and the vast majority of the world’s so-called news media is more bent than any iPhone will ever be. Totally broken is more like it.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen should be embarrassed, but when you’re fighting for your very survival due to the absolute devastation the iPhone has ravaged upon your tiny, little, failing outfit, we guess honesty and integrity fly right out the window in favor of spreading FUD.

Oh, look, Re/code‘s Bonnie Cha has reviewed Beleaguered BlackBerry’s latest piece of crap. We don’t usually waste our time covering reviews of antiquated beard-of-buttons devices from moribund companies than will not, in its entire product lifespan, ever come close to selling as many units as Apple sold in the first 15 minutes of iPhone 6 pre-orders, but Johnny boy’s little FUDgasm has prompted us to cull some snippets:

John Chen and his Passport to nowhere
John Chen and his Passport to nowhere
• The Passport’s chance of appealing beyond the BlackBerry faithful is slim. And even some BlackBerry users might eschew the phone due to its bulky design.

• I had a hard time wrapping my hand around it. Admittedly, I have small hands, so I let a couple of my guy friends try it out, and they agreed that it was uncomfortable to hold. The phone is also not very pocket-friendly.

• There was a slight lag when opening applications and refreshing pages. There were also several occasions where the Passport briefly froze.

• The phone’s main 13-megapixel camera was also slow to focus, and picture quality wasn’t as good as on the iPhone 6.

It’s not a good sign when you tell someone you’re testing a new BlackBerry and their response is, “They still make those?”

Johnny, Jonny, Johnny, you’ve got a Passport to nowhere.

In closing: Die with dignity, John. The level of desperation to which you are willing to stoop is unbecoming.

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    1. Are you serious? Is that phone that guy up there is holding ^ is a real phone? lol

      It’s the first time I’ve seen it and I’ll be laughing all day.

      I thought it was a spoof MDN had put together. Not sure a more ridiculous looking and shaped spoof could be made.

  1. I understand the “challenge.” If someone accepts the challenge, that means at least ONE BlackBerry Passport will be sold. That new BlackBerry is the weirdest design for a smartphone. The screen is SQUARE… with a narrow physical keyboard along one side.

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